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Student Competition Sports & Art 2020


Student Competition Sports & Art (SCESA) was created for silencing and researching human resources potential that was available over the Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta.

Source: Hizkia Salammellano (Accounting Education '19)

(March 13th, 2020) faculty students are ready to enter the sports branch race held by the SCESA committee. The SCESA event was held every year with great interest and interest. The program was prepared by the committee and assisted by the Student Activity Unit (UKM) in the sports branch to which the SCESA event would play. The difficulty with setting up SCESA's event is in the current space permit system because it often doesn't get the right time. So that makes very less socialization, which is a little bit of a constraint in the contestant registration.

The committee set the program until it was fully ready to begin, starting in October, coordinating meetings with related UKM and Executive Council Students (BEM) on the Faculty level. As for this current obstacle with a breakdown program due to the conditions of the Corona Virus Disease-19 (COVID-19) that no help from the SCESA Committee must follow the direction from the rector. "Any risk taken will not be worth a life," said Adin, as the SCESA Committee. The SCESA Committee is preparing for the return of 2020 SCESA as it awaits its next decision from the rector.

Source: Hizkia Salammellano (Accounting Education '19)

The enthusiasm that students UMS provides is also greatly demonstrated by the input to this SCESA activity. As the Bagas Febrian, a Student of School of Teacher Training and Education said that "Preparation for joining the program is about 2 weeks." The constraints that play basketball arise from a lack of cooperation between players. Special preparation before playing basketball is like playing a game pattern.

The enthusiasm of the spectators is high as evidenced by the enthusiastic performance from day today. The euphoria of the audience when they supported his support team was so overcast that it caused the players to come to play.

Writer: Hizkia Salammellano (Accounting Education '19)
Editor: Islamiah Pratiwi Ayu Larasati (English Education '17) & Thifa Nabila J (Pharmacy '19)

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