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Recommended Place to Release Your Stress in the Tight Schedule


Hello Campusers! We al already arrived into the middle of this semester and absolutely, as a college student, we already have a tight schedule of lectures. Surely you need a vacation or just take a walk to refresh your mind. You don't need to go far, maybe you can go around solo. Do you know that in Solo there is an amazing museum called Tumurun Museum? This museum was inaugurated in April 2018. Tumurun Museum is being the pride of Solo's people. This museum has been talked a lot among art lovers in Indonesia. This museum adds to the array of art museums that began to appear in Indonesia.

Source: Siti Nurjanah

However, the Tumurun museum is not open to the public. Because this is a private museum that is still managed by the Lukminto family. Not everyone can freely enter this museum. There are no tickets traded. In fact, to go to this museum, not many people know about it. The museum, which is located on Kebangkitan Nasional Street, RT 02 RW 04, close to Sriwedari Park Solo. This museum does not have a signpost or a museum name marker so we have to look carefully.

Source: Siti Nurjanah

The installation, titled Changing Perspectives by a young artist from Yogyakarta, Wedhar Riyadi, looks majestic standing in the middle of the room.

According to Iwan Kurniawan Lukminto, one of the sons of the late Alm. H.M. Lukminto the owner of PT. Sri Rejeki Tekstil, who initiated the establishment of this museum, declared that the nature of the museum is still private because the infrastructure is still not possible to open in public.

Source: Siti Nurjanah

However, that does not mean the general public can not visit or enjoy this museum. It's just that there are several rules that you must hold by.

There's the rules :

  1. Click on the official website of the Tumurun Private Museum.
  2. Click the 'Event' menu, there you will see when the museum is open house. If the banner is available, click 'Register Here'. Then select the group of visits that you want. There are 10 groups that each have 60 minutes. Each group will usually be limited to quotas (approximately 5 people), you will see whether the quota in that group is still available or not.F
  3. Fill in your data as completely as possible, then click the 'Register' button.
  4. Youjust arrive on time according to the group visit where you have registered.

* Wait for an email reply from the museum, when you can get a schedule of a visit to this museum.

Source: Siti Nurjanah
Source: Siti Nurjanah

At this time, you will not be charged any entrance fees to enjoy the Tumurun museum. And there is no age limit, because Wawan Lukminto wants this museum to be enjoyed by everyone, including millenials generation, so that they can have more insight into fine arts.

Source: Siti Nurjanah

Hopefully this place can be one of your alternative to released your stress in the middle of your tight semester. Come and find your happiness in here!

Writer : Siti Nurjanah ( English Education '17)
Editor : Sindiya Mutiara ( English Education '17)

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