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Rower in Lok Baitan Floating Markets, the Real Work of the Nation's Children


Tuesday, March 11st, 2020, located at the Banjarsari House, a place designed for art, culture and general events in Solo, has been held a photography exhibition entitled "Rower in Lok Baitan Floating Market".  The exhibition was held as a series of final assignments by Suci Sepengasih who is the final semester student of Institute of the Arts in Surakarta.

Muhammad Firdaus Imani (Informatics, 18)

The event started around 8 PM West Indonesia Time, begins with South Borneo song and dance  performed by PMKS Surakarta (South Borneo Student Union) which followed with the opening remarks by Suci Sepengasih and the Head of Undergraduate Program in Department of Photography , Ketut Gura Arta Laras, S.Sn., M.Sn.  With a ribbon cut in the gate at 8.30 PM, the exhibition declared opened.

Source: Muhammad Firdaus Imani (Informatics '18)

 Beside holding a  photography exhibition, Suci Sepengasih also held a discussion related to her experience and reasons for choosing the title.

Source: Muhammad Firdaus Imani (Informatics '18)

"Because there is something different that is not found elsewhere," she said.

In the discussion she also puts an agenda for the rewards distribution to the one who asks.

Source: Muhammad Firdaus Imani (Informatics '18)

Writer: Muhammad Firdaus Imani (Informatics '18)
Editor : Sindiya Mutiara ( English Education '17)

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