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Kirab Boyong Kedathon, Commemorate 275th Anniversary of Surakarta


In the Surakarta City Hall yard, the enthusiasm of the Solo people broke out as they commemorated the 275th anniversary of the city of Surakarta with the holding of the Boyong Cultural Kirab Kedathon, Saturday (02/22/2020).

Source: Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)

The Boyong Kedathon Cultural Kirab is an annual agenda of Surakarta City which features the story of the transfer of the Palace from Kartasuro to Surakarta. This year, Gladak become the starting point of the kirab and City Hall yard turns into the ends path. As stated by the Head of the Surakarta City Culture Office, Kinkin Sultanul Hakim, Kirab is a collaboration that includes four things, namely bodybuilding (dance), accompaniment (gamelan), costumes, and lighting.

Source: Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)

Source: Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)

There are a lot of actors who participated in this parade and they came from various backgrounds of life. Wijanarko, one of the cast members in Boyong Kedathon, said that the festival was also attended by students and academics from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI).

This actor revealed that the obstacle encountered in the preparation of the parade was creativity in appearance to be different from the previous year.

Source: Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)

"The story is truly always the same but the performance is constantly different, the music is likewise divergent," he said.

This year's Kirab carries the theme "Unggul Budayane Sejahtera Wargane" which having mean the more superior the culture, the more prosperous the people. According to the Mayor of Surakarta, Hadi Rudyatmo, this theme is one of the themes that need to be preserved.

"The government of Surakarta summonses all members of the community without exception from the poor to the rich regardless of ethnic groups and so on to unleash the existing cultural potentials," he said. He considered that the superior culture was Solo as a city of culture where the citizens are unpretentious, polite, and respect to others.

Writer: Vika Widiyantiningsih (English Education '17), Nisrina Khairani (Communication Science '19)
Editor: Islamiah Pratiwi Ayu Larasati (English Education `17) & Sindiya Mutiara  (English Education `17) 
Photographer: Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)

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