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Corona Arrived in Solo, UMS Students Where Are You Going?


March 13th, 2020, the city of Surakarta declared Outbreak (KLB) of coronavirus and the government issued several appeals that must be made during the next 2 weeks with the aim of deciding the spread of the virus.

Source:  Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)

After that, on March 14th, 2020, the leadership of the Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta also made a decision by considering input from various parties, namely the issuance of the rector's decree No. 208 / A.2-II / BR / III / 2020, where one of the contents of the information explained that all lecture activities were replaced with online lectures / online until the time to be announced again.

Shortly after, there are various responses emerged from the students, like many students who immediately packed their belongings and returned to their hometown.

Source:  Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)

Source:  Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)

"The reason why I am going back to home is not that I am afraid at all, but because there is an opportunity to go home, and at the same time I can ensure the conditions of my family at home if everyone is healthy" Astri Mafidah, UMS English Education Student '17.
"Worried if I remain in Solo because right now the coronavirus is in an uproar, other than that I take advantage of the moment of the online lecture system to gather with my family" Naufal Zayyan Fadlurahman, Public Health Student (2019)

"At first I wanted to stay in solo because there was an appeal "do not go home because we do not know whether we were exposed to the Coronavirus on the way home or not or we could not be exposed but we are carriers, which can actually endanger families in my hometown " and parents agree with that, but after talking a lot with my father finally I have to go home. He is worried that I will have no friends in solo because most of my friends go home. " Aftikha Nayla, Pharmacy Student (2018).

Source: Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)

Source: Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)

But not a few who remain in the solo,
"I stayed in solo because I was lazy to go back to my hometown and also preparing for matters related to the thesis session that should have been completed this week, besides that I also tried to minimize or even eliminate the possibilities that existed by deciding the spread of the virus corona which could be when later on the trip I was infected with the Coronavirus and that I brought home and it affected my family so I just stay safe here. " Nurul Z.W, Student of mathematics education (2016)

Not only that, but a number of students also expressed their hopes about what was happening in this world,
"I hope that everything can revert to normal as soon as possible, there is no covid-19 anymore so that the community can do their daily activities again." Emma Oktaviyanita, Student of English education (2017).

"Hopefully the current conditions can improve if necessary to return to normal so that everyone can leave the house without fear. And can interact with other people again." Thifa Nabilla Jazaufi, Pharmacy student (2019).

Termination of the Coronavirus can be done by doing simple things like; 1.)Stay home except to get medical care, 2.) Stay away from others and Limit contact with pets & animals, 3.) Wear a facemask if you are sick or just caring for others, and see a doctor immediately, 4.) Clean your hands frequently, 5.) Avoid sharing personal household items, 6.) Clean all “high-touch” surfaces every day, 7.) Monitor your symptoms. (Source: https: //

Writer: Niken Meidiyanti ( English Education '17)
Editor: Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17), Ardhi Setiawan (Public Health '16), & Sindiya M P ( English Education '17)

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