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Adorable Home: An exciting game for you who like cats!


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Do you guys like cats? Want to taking care these adorable animals, but has a lot of obstacles on it?Have you guys understand how to care for cats? Still confusedbecause don't want to take the risk of caring for cats which is certainly not cheap?Or maybe you really want to keep these cute animals, but unfortunately your parents or boarding house don't agree with that? This game is the answer of all your problems. This might be an alternative way thatabsolutely right for you, especially for those of you who like two-dimensional games and who don't need a lot of strategy to play them. The name of this game is AdorableHome.

The game developed by HyperBeard which is household simulation game that has just moved, including a beautiful white cat named “Snow”. You can choose the characters that you want, also you can name it by yourself! After completing the character naming process, you will be provided with a living room, bedroom and playground that you can decorate yourself! The first time, surely you will be guided to fill the basic property to fill the living room, such as tv, sofa, air conditioner, stairs, and such things that can filled in living room.

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To be able to buy furniture, provide supplies and cat food, we are required to collect hearts. To get hearts, we can do several ways. First, when a heart pops up from our pet cat, the cat's sign asks for our attention. Like wanting to be bathed, wanting to cut his nails, or just wanting to be stroked. From one of these activities, we can collect 80 hearts! Or if you want to get double that, you can watch the advertisement popup provided, then you will get 160 hearts. Or the second, when there are animals visiting. The number of hearts they carry is uncertain. Usually a butterfly only gives about 13. Or sometimes a dog stops by your house and gives you 30 hearts.

Source : Google/images

Most hearts can be produced when we prepare lunch for our partners, and when he returns from work, usually he will give us around 300-600 hearts, depending on what food we bring. Or after one hour we provide food for our pet cats, usually, one cat will give us 30-60 hearts, depending on what food we provide. A tip, if you want to produce a lot of hearts from cats that we breed, feed them dried orange fish food! They like the dried fish food, and the feedback is, we usually get about 50 hearts per cat that we have. How is it, friends? Interesting right? Come on, immediately download and play the virtual cats that you have! Available on Android and iOS.

Writer : Khalisa Ihsana A.C ( Management, 2018 )
Editor : Muhammad Fadhil Bariz.A ( Informatics, 2018 )

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