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Judgmental Society


 In the cold of the rain, a short girl staring her shadow in the mirror, trying dressed up herself to equate with the state of affairs. Once she thinks that she’s good enough for it, a storm comes to disillusioned how bad she is. She just an ordinary girl, far from perfection, familiar with mistakes, and everlastingly being friend with trouble. Fortunately she aware that every single step she takes, the world just betrayed her. To be honest, she has a sweet smile. It was just as sweet as her name, “Ailee”. That Asian cutie face never tedious to look at. Most people absolutely agree to title her pretty. Her short black hair even makes her look prettier. Nothing wrong pertaining to her physicality, she just mentally unhealthy. Ailee grows with enormous sensitive feelings. She also has low immunity. She often felt bad at herself when she realized that she can’t do many things as other people of her age do.  Her family has a good grip on it, that’s why they taking care of her differently. Her colleague automatically is on alert being her guard. She is a princess and princess don’t cry!


A month ago, Ailee’s lovely father decided to move into a small city, far from their home, to broaden his business. They never lived apart and will never live apart, that’s way Aliee’s family pack their bag as soon as they heard about this news. Ailee, Father, and Mother. What a great family! They got an old big house to live with. It feels like they start a new life and hopefully get new luck too. It might be “Yes” for father’s business but it’s a “Big No” for Ailee. This is how the disaster starts. Ailee entered a fancy school in this small city. Everything just different for her. The Class, the environment, the culture, and friends. It was Ailee's first day in school and she was really in shock with the time table. It's just full, there's just a small space, that means there's just a little break in the day. Her mind immediately filled with the things that she believed would be bad for her.

“Mom, is it right?”, asked her in a low voice.

“Yes, sweetie. You'll be okay, trust me! I'll see you at the break time and if you think you are tired, you can going back home with me”, mother cheers her on.

Surprisingly Ailee passes the first day awesomely. Mother and father really impressed at her. Ailee tells every little thing she had in school, except her friends. She has no words to face it all. Her friends did not welcome her well. They don’t put her as an enemy but they don’t see her as a friend. Quite complicated. Ailee never gives up to make a friend with them, but that does not work.

“Don’t you know, the creepy girl text me last night”, whispered from her classmate by pointing at her.
“Oh, really?”, answered the other.

“Yes, she asked me to be her friend”, declare her arrogantly.

“Let’s be friend with her then!”, answer the other

Five girls walking to Ailee. They greet her and they are friending. It just shocks her much. Since that, Ailee considers that she finally has a close friend. They carry a lot of new experiences that Ailee never atmosphere before. There are many deeds that they undertake after school. Shopping, hangout, doing some treatment, playing games, gossiping, and many more. Honestly, it is not something that Ailee likes because somehow she assumes it is wasting time and just lead fatigue. By reasons of they are a friend, she must adhere to all the things they do.

They are physically close, but their inward is extremely far. They don’t know each other well and it is totally different from Ailee philosophy. She has her own description of a friend, a close friend also.  A friend is someone that she believed would understand all the situations that she had even if she doesn’t tell it personally. A close friend to Ailee is someone that cares about yourself more than their selves. And they not categorized in both classifications.

Day by day their useless activities getting plentiful, more than their homework. Ailee thinks that she did not fit them anymore. She tired and her body slowly started to scream. She loses and she sick. One day they have a plan to conduct a wonderful party. She just can't deny them. She started to war with her sick body. Anything getting worse. She can’t hide it from her parents again. She has to meet a doctor on a party day. What a great nightmare!

“Sorry, I can’t meet you guys at the party. I have several problems with my body”, Ailee texted them.

No one believes her.

In the morning Ailee has to meet the doctor. She is the first patient and she’s done really fast. Her mother has to buy some groceries that’s why they go to the supermarket after. One of her friends sees her there. She tells to all friends in the group and they assumed that Ailee doesn’t want to be a friend anymore. She tries to explain everything but no one heard that.

"That's just an alibi. She lied! She ashamed to admit her mistakes", her friend said.

Since that they don’t talk to each other anymore. Ailee still sick. Her mentality not fine. She’s really depressed. Her health is truly horrible. She doesn’t want to lose them but she did not fit anymore. Finally, she has to lay in the hospital. She doesn’t go to school but her friends keep talking bad things about her. They don’t believe that she was sick. They think that Ailee just scared to meet them, in case that she lied to them. God love Ailee. He takes her back. He gives her the best place far from earth.

 “Why she doesn’t even tell us that she was sick?”, their low voice at the funeral.

Writer : Sindiya M P (English Education '17)

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