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source: Jefry Muliawan
My first impression of the Student Press Institute (LPM) was the people who had critical minds and dared to criticize the situation around campus environment. Those are peoples who at the fore front of defending the basic human rights. I always imagine, the products of LPM come from worries about conditions that are not right. I was so excited with student movements like that.

Telling the truth, even the hard one, is a virtue, isn't it? That's what makes me interested joining the student press.

When I went to the university, I was met with LPM Campus. A student press institution that produces English-language content. I registered and joined this so-called-press-organization. Based on my observation, the news presented feature news related to events, human interest, DIY tips, and etc. I haven't found news that sharp enough to criticize problems in this campus. That makes me prejudiced the condition in this campus is just fine. Yet, I think the only fine campus is Metro Campus, others are not.
source: Jefry Muliawan

At the beginning, I thought there was a lack of critical reporting on the problems of the campus due to the lack of critical discussions. Each member hasn't sensitive enough about the conditions on campus, or there may already be some who are sensitive enough but are less able to express their opinions.

I once attended a discussion organized by LPM Campus. The participants were telling their opinions about the issue of banning the KPK in those days. Vvarious opinions was gathered into a conclusion about what steps to take.

Apparently, many students have a critical view of current issues. Unfortunately, the results of the discussion only became a conversation without being a written product. In fact, the discussion can produce interesting writing results from various points of view.

One the other fact that reduces the sharpness of LPM Campus is excessive fear of the rector as the holder of power. LPM Campus is not brave enough because it is under the authority of the campus. It causes too much worry when it will criticize the authority, especially the university.

The cases that have occurred for several years prove that the LPM has been pressured by the campus. Even some bureaucrats did not hesitate to close down. Take a look at what happened at the LPM Balairung Press and Suara USU.

The Press Law does not provide certain typrotection for LPM. In Article 18 paragraph 1 of the Press Law, the protection mentioned is only for press companies. Based on the provisions of Article 1 paragraph 2 of the Press Law, a press company is an Indonesian legal entity that carries out business of the press including print media companies, electronic media, and news agencies, as well as other media companies that organize, broadcast, or distribute information.

Based on Indonesian law, those categorized as legal entities are foundations, cooperatives, and companies. LPM's position as only a Student Activity Unit (UKM) makes it difficult for them to get legal entity status. Moreover, LPM Campus still relies on funding from the UMS. Such conditions make the position of LPM Campus so vulnerable and it is likely to reduce the guts of its members.
However, LPM Campus as a Student Press Institute should be able to report on campus problems because that is their duty. No one understands about campus more than the academic community themselves. They see, hear, and feel all the upheaval in the campus environment.

source: Jefry & Imani
For the sake of idealism and the word 'Press' in LPM, LPM Campus should take a side, even in a hard way. LPM is considered as an idealistic press because its writing is not ridden by other interests other than the public interest. The critical mindset of the members needs to be built and honed through discussion of various issues. Each member needs to develop sensitivity to whatever is happening, especially in this campus.

This includes spending more time on research rather than waiting for meeting participants to asemble until midnight. Therefore, LPM Campus as a press student institution must start to be more critical and have courage through the writings that are published, so that there is a difference between the Student Press Institution and the Writing Club.

writer                   : Nisrina Khairani (Communication Science, 2019)

editor                   :  Ardhi Setiawan (Public Health, 2016) and Islamiah P. A Larasati (Science Education, 2017)

photographer       : Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education, 2017) and Muhammad Firdaus Imani (Informatics, 18)

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