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Increasing Children's Literacy in Keprabon Village Through Community Reading Parks


Source:  Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)

( 26/01/20) Children are not awkward anymore with the arrival of students or communities in Keprabon Village. They have high curiosity. Especially with the arrival of students or communities that bring a variety of new things to them.

Keprabon Community Reading Park (TBM) was established on May 18th, 2018. The purpose of establishing TBM is to increase children's literacy in Keprabon Village. In practice, TBM not only provides a library in the middle of the village, but also adds activities in the form of games, music, art, camp, watching films, and visits -- one of them was visiting to Mangkunegaran.

In addition, students also took part in this activity,  for example students from the Faculty of Dentistry (UMS) who visited the Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) meeting to introduce TBM.

"Soon it will be made at the village level a kind of TBM but somewhat expanded. The place already exists, in the Keprabon park." said Anang  Kusuma Wardana, as the initiator of TBM.
Anang also added that the basic idea of ​​TBM formation is to increase literacy.

There are also incidental activities which are often given by TBM managers in the afternoon to children in the village. This activity is usually filled with logic games that stimulate the speed of decision making and children's way of thinking. In addition to these activities, there are also special activities that involve student and community networks. They are asked to fill or share knowledge that is child friendly.

Source:  Documentation of TBM Keprabon

So far, in its application there are several activities that have been carried out well by TBM managers, such activities are in the form of socialization of waste banks from UNS agriculture students, story telling with LPM Pabelan, ketoprak children by ISI students, and others.

To develop literacy in children, TBM managers try to invite students in turn and give awards in the form of gifts to children. This is done in relation to maximizing literacy efforts in children, which in reality is not as easy as imagined. Anang Kusuma Wardana, as the originator of the idea, has hopes for the children so that they can apply the knowledge they have gained in the midst of society and benefit many people.

Reporter: Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education '17)
Writer: Islamiah Pratiwi Ayu Larasati (English Education '17)
Editor: Ardhi Setiawan (Public Health '16) and Thifa Nabilla Jazaufi ( Pharmacy '19)

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