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Grebeg Sudiro 2020, The Synergy of Javanese and Chinese Culture


Source : Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education, 2017)

The 13th Grebeg Sudiro holds on January 16th – 31st 2020 that the main event is on Sunday, January 19th, 2020 at Pasar Gedhe, Solo. One of the agenda is a carnival that starts from Pasar Gedhe then pass through Mayor Kusmanto Street until  Urip Somoharjo Street and ends at Pasar Gedhe. The theme chosen for the Grebeg Sudiro this year is “Synergy Caring for Diversity”. According to the Event’s Chief Committee, Arga Dwi Setiawan, The theme matched to the nickname of Sudiroprajan Village that is Solo Chinatown Village.

“Solo Chinatown Village’s or acculturation village of Javanese and Chinese live together so that Sudiroprajan’s residents can live harmony without discriminating,” he added.

Solo Vice Mayor, Achmad Purnomo opens the carnival agenda by hitting the drum at 2.00 P.M. The carnival enlivened by 58 groups of art and jodang troupe from Indonesia’s various regions.

The main event of the agenda starts from 5.00 P.M. marked with the distribution of cakes, vegetables, and fruits in the form of tumpeng  that distributed to the residents who live near the Pasar Gedhe roundabout.

One of the Carnival participant, Burhanuddin Hilal, the chief of Pagar Nusa Silat College (Indonesia self-defense) said that Grebeg Sudiro is very good because unified all citizen elements and worth maintaining.

The Chairperson of the Tien Kok Sie Chinese Temple Foundation, Sumantri  Dana Waluyo, said that Grebeg Sudiro can be regularly conducted each year because of togetherness, the will of all people, and the funding is relatively easy because it has become an annual event.

Source: Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education, 2017)
This event was welcomed by residents, it can be seen by a huge number of residents who came and participated to enliven this event. Overall, this event was made to show the harmony between ethnic groups in Surakarta.

Reporter: Nisrina Khairani (Communication Science, 2019) and Islamiah Pratiwi Ayu Larasati (English Education, 2017)
Photographer: Jefry Muliawan (Accountant Education, 2017)
Editor: Fathoni Arif Suryawan (English Education, 2017), Ardhi Setiawan (Public Health, 2016), Islamiah Pratiwi Ayu Larasati (English Education, 2017), Niken Meidyanti Afifah (English Education, 2017), and Sindiya M P (English Education, 2017)

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