Students Protest the Revision of RUU KUHP in front of DPRD


The SURAKARTA City of Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) front gate has been filled with police and several staffs since 9 a.m. This was based on the implementation of the students' protest that was located at DPRD front gate of Surakarta. This action was held on Tuesday, September 24th, 2019. 

The protesters approximately thousand students university came by a long march from two directions. The first came from campus 4 Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta  (UMS) and another one from Manahan. The Protesters have filled the road in front of DPRD of Surakarta office since 10.30 a.m. In this action, they called for their disapproval of the Revision of the sexual violence bill (RUU KUHP) which according to them was detrimental to many parties including; the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), farmers, and civil society. They also sang “Indonesia Raya” song together. 

"A united student can't be defeated by the government." said the protesters. The action was followed by a command of the movement which made a circle with it followed by the utterance. 

"Parliament follows the conscience, stop oppression." The protesters said. Commanders of the protesters began to shout their students protest at 12.00 p.m. The command ordered to the  committees to present the spokespersons on each action committee and they also shouted: 
"There is only one word, fighting!"

In his speech, the commander said, "It was the interests of the money by the government." 

At the time of his speech, several action committees also presented their performances regarding the injustices that exist in this country. The protesters negotiated with the staff of the DPRD of Surakarta, shouting that they want to do a discussion of the ongoing action. The aspirations to be conveyed by these students were supported by UMS lecturer, Mr. Ardianto Kusunano.

"I personally want KPK to be strengthened again and the ratification of the RUU PKS accelerated." said Mr. Ardianto.

At 1.30 p.m, Mr. Sugeng, one of DPRD member offered the protesters a chance to enter the DPRD front gate area on the condition that they were not making any dangerous situation and give their delegation according to the building's capacity. However, the protesters remain in their stance. They want their entire time to enter the front yard of the DPRD with no deal taking place between the two parties, the protesters and the police were involved in pushing each other. In that incident, Mr. Andi Rifai, the policeman, said that the trigger for the riot was the intruders who were among the protesters.
Now, there is one victim who feels breathless which was then rushed to the Panti Waluyo Hospital for the treatment. People were rushed to Muhammadiyah Medical Center (MMC) because of leg injuries and one person had stomach cramps. Many protesters complained of eye pain due to tear gas.

Mr. Karno, a Solo citizen who watched the student protest gave his comment about the students.  "Students can carry out their actions peacefully if the coordination between members is tightened followed by a clear statement of the mistakes in the RUU KUHP." In the end, the protesters disbanded because conditions were no longer conducive and some were still waiting for their rights that had not been fulfilled, 

“The government should be aware of the society and granted all the demands of the oppressed people.” said Cliff, one of the protester from UMS.

Reporter          : Islamiah Pratiwi Ayu Larasati
Editor              : Islamiah Pratiwi Ayu Larasati
Photographer   : Jefry Mulyawan

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