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We Speak Art, First Workplan of Ciprat


Ciprat, Club Creative Inspirative Painting Art, one of the divisions of the USF, held a painting exhibition which was held as a form of realization of the work plan that they worked on. Ciprat itself have 2 work plan in one year and the first work plan is this art exhibition named "In Art We Speak". With the theme of humanity, the first Ciprat'sworkplan was held for 3 days starting from 1st April until 3rd April 2019. 

In this art exhibition they displaying various works of art ranging from photographs, sketches, and paintings. The paintings displayed using a variety of different media and techniques. While the photographs that displayed is actually the agenda that they have, which collected as one, and adjusted to a theme that they take. All the displayed is the works of Ciprat members.

The artworks only focus on exhibitors because of the target of this exhibition only the students of the UMS. So, they didn't sell the artworks that displayed. In there we can also see Ciprat Members who are pouring their creativity on paper directly. And something that has to be noticed is we are not allowed to touch the artworks they exhibit.

Overall, this art exhibition depicts human life on earth. There are many artworks which describe how humans behave, how human destroy, and how humans are expected to live on Earth. Not only spoil the eyes, but this art exhibition also makes us realize to change our self to be a better person in the earth because there are many moral values that they try to deliver to the visitors. Held in the Hall C UMS, this art exhibition was visited by many students and for the closing night, there will be an acoustic delivered by Morgunsol. 

Written by: Sindiya M P (Department of English Education '17)
Edited by: Khalisa Ikhsana

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