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Black and White: A Visual Experiment with Milisifilem


Source: LPM Campus
Solo is a part of alternative movies movement in Indonesia. Various shows for short and alternative movies attracts many viewers. There is Moononton at ISI, CIVA at UMS, and PFS at UNS. Also, many movie makers from Solo produce creative and experimental works.

This movement was followed by Kine UMS to add alternative movies references in Solo. This was realized by holding a black and white movie screening from Milisifilem in the FEB Seminar Room, UMS. Milisifilem itself is a creative space for young movie makers to produce visual experimental works.

That night (13/12) 5 black and white movies were screened entitled: Into the Dark, Cut, Karib, Aksi- Reaksi, and Pagi yang Sungsang. The five movies are experimental movies that tend to provide strong visuals and minimal dialogue.

As said Dhanurendra Pandji from Milisifilem:

"This movies are part of an experimental visual study, how stories do not dictate visuals so that visuals itself create narratives"
Source: LPM Campus
At the end of the screening, question and answer session was opened. Luthfan Nur Rochman from Milisifilem also told the creative process when making movies.

"Our methods are arranged collectively, everyone has the right to give criticism and opinions"

"For the Pagi yang Sungsang movie we took lots of pictures, we got acquainted and tried to get as close as possible to Pasar Minggu's life. Even before the last editing, the movie was still an hour and a half long" said Pandji when asked about the process of one of the movie.

The event itself was finished at 9:45 p.m.

Reporter   : Ardhi Setiawan
Editor       : Zulfikar

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