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Bumi Mursal and Alif Putih di Laut-Mu/Source: LPM Campus
That afternoon (8/11) the exhibition room was still quiet. Entering the Balai Soedjatmoko through the front door, visitors will be greeted by a Gong that is plugged into dozens of nails and a painting entitled "Alif Putih di Laut-Mu" by Fajar Sutardi that posted on the wall.

Gong-studded itself is a work of art entitled "Bumi Mural" by Fajar Sutardi.

In addition to the paintings and gong, there were 19 paintings and other works of art displayed in an art exhibition themed "Bumi Langit".

The artwork are from seven artists from Solo and Yogyakarta who are members of the Komunitas Bumi Langit. Seven artists with different backgrounds and different cultures agreed to held an art exhibition that had the ability to criticize about the current social problems. The seven artists were Digdo Irianto, Fadjar Sutardi, Nanang Yulianto, Robert Nasrullah, M. Rispul Rasidin, Syaiful Adnan, and Tulus Warsito.
Gerak Semesta and Merahnya Maha Merah/ Source: LPM Campus
The artworks shown does not seem to bother with the taste of the audience. The artists spill ideas and display works that are freely enjoyed by the audience. There are paintings with soft and black and white colors. There are also works of art in the form of Arabic letter ornaments, chess boards taped to the wall, dont forget a large gong with sticks placed after the entrance.

The organizers seem to really know how to treat arts well. Good lighting, neat placement, and layout that greatly accommodates the viewer who wants to take pictures with the work, or just look to understand art by glaring at the painting while acting like thinking bout something.

The exhibition itself lasts from 3 to 8 November 2018, from 09.00-21.00 WIB.

Ruang Keseimbangan 1, 2, and 3/ Source: LPM Campus

In the middle of the city of Solo which is increasingly rushing and sometimes too noisy, there are still and there must always be art activities like this. Where humans stop for a moment, breathe deeply, and realize the beauties through the medium of art.

Reporter:   Ardhi Setiawan

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