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Not All Heroes Wear Tight Shirts


Matahari di Hari Pahlawan/ Source: Irawan Yani Putro
If taking part in the ceremony, having a well-built body, wearing tight clothes, and walking with the puff out chest are considered to be the main embodiment of heroism. Then let's sit down and drink as much water as possible to recover from being drunk.

Heroism is reduced to those who are paid to be heroic and nationalist. Heroic tales are indeed the most appropriate narrative for people who are lazy to think. Moreover if you add heroic stories that ignore the violations which ever happened. It will be a great success to make thousands of human amnesia from history

Not all heroes wear tight shirts, walk upright, and speak with artificial baritone.

Usually, heroes are just ordinary people around us. When we are in trouble or face problems that we never predict, somehow, there are good people who help us through that.

LPM Campus Editorial then gather stories from those who meet these heroes:

Dinda (20) FIK
"Few days ago, my laptop was broken. It all started by Mendeley application that suddenly can not be used. At that time, my proposal in that laptop should be done immediately. Fortunately, there is a friend that helped me to fix it, furthermore it was  free. May be for that person it is a simple thing. But, without the laptop which in good condition, my proposal will be stuck. Thanks a lot."

Lilla (22) FT
"In November 2017, I was on Practical Work in Balongan, Indramayu. The location is isolated and far from everywhere. On the third week, I got typhoid. I had aleady met a doctor, but did not cure yet. There was a co-worker from Semarang. He is very kind. He helped to find out herbal medicines to cure typhoid in many pharmacies. Even though the pharmacies is far away. Thanks, friend"

Evita (20) FKIP
"On holiday, I was in my hometown. Suddenly in the middle of holiday, I got a lot of messages in the class group. We were asked to give our student number and password to print out our Form of Study Plan. Unfortunately, I forgot my password. My Academic Achievement Record which contain my password was left in my dorm. Moreover, my room key was on me. Therefore, I could not ask my friend for it. I asked my friends who may know my password, but none. Finally, my friend asked to the officer about it, and I just had to show my Student Card even though through a photo. I am so grateful to have friends who were willing to help other friends. Respect!"

Latifah (21) FT
"I had been confused to make a visa in very short time. Then, I discussed it with my lecturer until 9 p.m. She made me calm and gave solution. At that time, she made me felt that I was very helped by her. And she is a hero for me. wqwqwq"

Heroes are not only those who lift guns or fight invaders, sometimes, heroes are humans who want to help others not for any reason except humanity itself.
So, can you be a hero?

Selamat Hari Pahlawan, Indonesia!

Author    : Ardhi Setiawan
Editor     : Ika Eriyana

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