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source: Iswan

Roanne is invited by Tikus: "Want to come along?" "Where?" Roanne replied. "To the best place in Indonesia. Eh, no, to the best place in the world!" said Tikus.
At a bookstore in Panggungrejo market on Friday (5/10/18) at 3:30 pm, fifteen people gathered to discuss a book entitled "Tempat Terbaik di Dunia" written by Roanne Van Voorst.

The leader of this discussion is M Fauzi Sukri, a writer. He discussed several chapters in this book from beginning to end. The discussion itself was held by Susano Books.

This book tells the story of suburban communities in Jakarta. In 21st century, in the capital city, there are still many citizens who do not have access to banking capital. So, they can not rent money for financial help. They are structurally impoverished, and live at high risk of floods and fires.

In this book, Roanne witnessed the incident on her own: on one night, in just a few hours, fifteen houses were forfeited. One house can be occupied by up to fiftt people. The heroic and ironic part, they will not move and cannot move to the better place because they do not have other alternatives.
source: Marjin Kiri

In addition, the life of the slums in Bantaran Kali also presents various stories about humanity. There is Tikus, a street musician, also a businessman who rent a fitness center, until his business is bulldozed by the government. There is also Enin, the maker of herbal medicine concurrently as a "doctor" for villagers who is repeatedly disappointed by the hospital.

"In the community of Bantaran Kali, life is very communal. Roanne often surrounded by people. It is difficult to find time alone," said Fauzi.

Roanne, who is an anthropologist, dissected the living space of peripheral communities using scientific methods. This book is the result of Roanne's research in the area of Bantaran Kali, Ciliwung river. As we know, Solo also has some areas like this.

"There was research, that poverty's main factor is not laziness to work, but structural impoverishment on the system, this capitalist system", said Fauzi at the end of the discussion which was also followed by adzan Maghrib from a distance.

Reporter: Ardhi Setiawan
Editor    : Annisa Dinda K

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