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Sumpah Pemuda and What We are Going To Do Nowadays


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Today are ninety years since the Sumpah Pemuda was announced at the Kongres Pemuda 2 held in Jakarta. The Congress was held by the Perhimpunan Pelajar-Pelajar Indonesia (PPPI) which consisted of students from all regions of Indonesia. There were representatives from various youth organizations in Indonesia who attended this congress, namely Jong Java, Jong Batak, Jong Celebes, Jong Sumatranen Bond, Jong Islamieten Bond and Jong Ambon. There were also observers from representatives of Chinese ethnic groups such as Kwee Thiam Hong, John Lauw Tjoan Hok, Oey Kay Siang and Tjoi Djien Kwie.

At that time they faced the issue that organizational movements that were still regional in nature would not be enough for Indonesian independence. The term Sumpah Pemuda itself arises when Congress is over. The youths agreed to move together and make the independence effort a national effort.

In addition to the Sumpah Pemuda, for the first time there was a song instrument. A song that if sing it together in the right places, such as the Gelora Bung Karno or any stadium, will certainly make the listener and the singer go goosebumbs and heart beat faster. The song is Indonesia Raya, Indonesia's national song that is announced at every flag ceremony in schools and other important events. Although it was banned by the Dutch East Indies colonial government at the time, the youth continued to sing the song at every opportunity.

Time flies. Various challenge changing every time. In '66 this nation proved its cruelty and full of nonsense that we are a compassionate nation. Then in '84 there was Tanjung Priok Massacre, followed by the Santa Cruz tragedy in November '91, and many more bullets were aimed at Indonesian citizens in the future. It should be realized and acknowledged, our authority holders do not seem to have doubts to use public money to buy bullets and return them to the people again through rifles.

Entering the post-reform era, many of those events, slowly but surely, are forgetten. But don't need to be much bothered, aren't we a nation of compassion, prosperity, and easily forget our bad history?  Nothing surprising from that. All we need is thinking about our future. Is that right?

In today's technological era, the shape of the youth movement certainly changes. From books that mostly only can be accessed by "activists", now almost anyone who has the intention can visit the library or download it free from the internet. Try books like: Madilog (Tan Malaka), Sapiens (Yuval Harari), Sophie's World (Jostein Gardner), Guns, Germs, and Steel (Jared Diamonds), Duties of Muslim Scholars (Ali Shariati's book that translated by Amien Rais), and books written by Kuntowijoyo, Gus Dur, Gus Mus, Hamka, Emha Ainun Nadjib, and etc. Atleast, by reading these books, anyone can argue by quoting heroic words to look smart. Whether understanding the ideas or not.

In fact, in the end of the day books are just objects, the reader is the subject itself. The readers are expected to have their own mind, political stand, and morality ethics, not relying on quotes from the books that look cool if uploaded as instastory content. The most important thing is we have to continue our ancestor and our national hero's purpose. To make Indonesia a better place for all the human and humankind itself. With all race, ethnic group, languange, and different kind of religion in this wonderful country.

Today's youth, with easier access to knowledge, is expected to be more mature mentally and ideologically so that they can formulate their roles in society more quickly. It would have been nice to see young politicians such as Faldo Maldini, Rian Ernest, and Tsamara Amany circulating on the social media timeline. It would have been nice to see young people with many good ideas rising up this country.

There are also many content like vlogs filled with young people whose content is about political awareness, just try the Youtube Geolive channel, or if you are interested in today's phenomenon, you can visit the Frame and Sentences channel on Youtube.

The amount of content has certainly made it easier for us as young people to increase political awareness through media other than books. Moreover, books are quite thick as above. Hatta, Soekarno, Tan, Tjokroaminoto, and many others read books because at that time the most possible medium was only a book. There are no vlogs, podcasts, blogs, infographics, or meme.

No longer need to cultivate books as the best information medium. Isn't the most important thing is the idea conveyed? Why read thick books that we dont even know the substance? Better the idea is conveyed than just looks cool or as social media climbing material. After all, having an idea doesn't mean someone have a work.

Learn from our ancestor, learn everywhere from everyone, spread the ideas, discuss, be smart, be open-minded, stay humbe, stay foolish, and critize! To make this country a better place, a greater nation.

Or maybe we still remember the memories of decades ago as a melancholy struggle, without realizing the problems change, enemies change, resources develop. Maybe in the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Sumpah Pemuda, we are only young, feel spesial but we are just ordinary, and to much style with tight brain and bigger thumb. Aren't we?

Well, keep ur spirit, youngster!

author     : Ardhi Setiawan
edior       : Salsabilla Dhia M

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