Solo Tarantula Expo and Contest: Getting Closer with Tarantula


A cute tarantula, is'nt it?/source: LPM Campus

Dozens of acrilyc boxes with various shapes and sizes are neatly arranged in Atrium Plaza Palur. Each box contains a various types of tarantula. Some are red, blue, or brown. Some come from Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Mexico, India, and Africa.

Solo Tarantula Expo and Contest is an exhibition of exotic animals, especially tarantula. This event was the first time held in Jawa Tengah. The event was held by the Tarantula Keeper Solo Raya community in collaboration with Palur Plaza management.

On Saturday (08/13/2018) the show was begin, while on Sunday (08/14/2018) in addition to the show there was also a tarantula contest which was attended by 19 participants who moved locations to the 2nd floor.
Brachypelma hamorii/Source: LPM Campus

This contest is divided into 3 classes. First class is Open Terrestria, the minimum size of participants is 10 cm; Open Arboreal which is the minimum size is 10 cm; and Open Juve-Up Enclosure which is the minimum size is 5 cm and are mature).

"The purpose of this exhibition and contest focuses is to introduce tarantula to the community to change the paradigm that tarantulas are dangerous and deadly, because they are not dangerous and can be maintained as exotic animals" said Jefry, a tarantula keeper from Solo who started his hobby since 5 years ago. Here, the visitors are free to take pictures and ask questions about tarantulas. The committee is happy to explain things related to the tarantula.

Based on their activity, the tarantulas are divided into two, namely: Old World which tends to be more aggressive and New World tends to be more calm. Whereas according to the place of residence, it is divided into three: The Burrower mostly lives underground, the Terrestrial mostly lives on the ground, and the Arboreal mostly lives in trees.

The event closed with the awarding of prizes to the winners of the contest. Open Terrestrial, 1st place from Malang, 2nd place from Jogja, 3rd place from Jogja, Open Enclosure Juve-Adult 1st place from Solo, 2nd place from Jogja, 3rd place from Solo. For the Open Arboreal category, all winners are from Solo.
Tarantula Keeper Community/ source: LPM Campus
The exhibition lasts until 9:00 pm. The committee packed the tarantula boxes again, preparing for events with tarantula and the other show.

Reporter: Ardhi Setiawan
Editor    : Annisa Dinda K

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