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Should Students Bring Mobile Phone at School?

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The rise of sophisticated mobil phone encourages parents to aspire their children knowing more about technology. In this case, some parents argue that elementary school students should bring or use mobile phones at school. Should they bring mobile phone at school? Well, I completely disagreee with the argument and of couse they shouldn’t bring it.

First of all, students don’t need mbile phones because it is unnecessary. If we can see the material of elementary school. There is no material involves with mobile phone. Students learn through textbook, CD, and their teacher. Moreover, students of elementary school are still underage. They shouldn’t be allowed to bring or use mobile phone. Although, this technology is advance, but it will damage the performance of children’s brain.

Parents don’t need to worry if they can’t pick up their children. Teacher can help students to order transportation online and school already prepared public telephone service. Beside that, there are several schools that provides learning facilities, such as computer, Wi-Fi, LCD, etc. So, students don’t need to bring or use mobile phone.

Parents should lead their children to limit the usage of mobile phones and get used to know the social environment. Teacher should asks students to read a book and study. Also, people or maybe you. We can hold a seminar for parents, teacher, and children about the importance of the real function of mobile phone. Because, today, this matter is really crucial. Many children don’t get it what is the real function about mobile phone and they get addict with it.

In sum up, students of elementary school don’t use to bring mobile phones because it will be unnecessary, students are underage, and school provides learning facilities that students need.

Written by Salsabila Dhia M (DEE)

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