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source: LPM Campus
Dozens of people filled the Siti Walidah's seminar room UMS on Friday at 1:00 p.m. (10/19). They attended the National Seminar entitled "Creativity without Limit in Broadcast." This seminar was held by Rapma Fm in the framework of their 21st anniversary. Beside this seminar, there was also broadcast competition which was attended by 47 teams from all over Indonesia.

"Nowadays the broadcasting world, especially radio, faces the challenge of changing from analog to digital signals" said Mr. Yuhri S.H when giving a speech.

Indra Prasetiya, the Semarang FM Track announcer, became the first speaker. He conveyed about Basics Broadcasting. Indra started telling about development of the radio in England which was previously monopolized by the BBC. Then a radio appeared broadcasting from the sea to play Led Zeppelin songs, the Beatles, etc. This radio emphasizes the personality of the announcer.

Indra emphasized the importance of announcer's personality. So it can form a "theater of mind" in listener's head so the messages can be conveyed properly. To be a good announcer, Indra gave a few tips. There is on beat, which is adjusting the tempo of talk with background music. Then string the right words to be pleasant to hear. For this reason, good cooperation is needed because good broadcasts are from creative teams that work together.

The second speaker, Sara Neyrizha, radio announcer and UMS lecturer. He presented data on the number of radio listeners who were 'only' 20 million listeners in Indonesia in 2016. For that reason, the radio must continue to be creative so that it still has listeners.

Sara told her experience about being an announcer. "I have been searching for news in the internet cafe at 3 am, typing, then processing it for broadcast, and it's ready on the radio at 4:30 a.m." Sara also added that to be an announcer, someone must have high integrity and creativity.

"A lot of practice, take advantage of the opportunity to appear, both in events and presentations in class," she said.

At the end of the event, the committee announced the winners of the broadcast competition. Dresta ft Irwan as the 1st winner, Nata ft Khaider as the 2nd winner, and Nirma ft Oktiana as the 3rd winner. Congratulations!

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