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Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 at 08.40 am in Seminar Room of Psychology Faculty, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, there was filled with students. They came to attend a National Seminar entitled The Challenge of Journalist in the Digital Age held by LPM Campus.

The speakers were Adib Muttaqin Asfar (chairman of the Alliance of Independent Solo Journalists or Aliansi Jurnalis Independen) and Hanum Salsabiela Rais (ADITV director).

Adib opened the presentation by showing caricature created by Matt Wuerker, editor of Politico. The caricature describes journalism that almost broken because of propaganda, false news, hoaxs, rumors, conspiracy theories, and others. This is like condition of journalism nowadays which is attacked by problems as described.

Political cartoons from the desk of Matt Wuerker/source: politico.com
Then Adib showed press reformation in Indonesia at 1999 since the passage of the law on the press. So there is no more banning on press institutions such as those that hit Tempo and Sinar Harapan during the Orde Baru era.

Until 2016, there were 43,400 online news sites in Indonesia, but only 168 were recorded in the Press Council or Dewan Pers. There were 2000 print media, but only 321 that were recorded. The moment of freedom speech actually made the media develop massively but, then there were many medias without credibility and responsibility.

Those media violates many jurnalism ethics because they are over-profit oriented without being responsible for producing content with journalistic standards.

This makes a lot of hoaxes circulating and provocations that are often ignited by unresponsible media. Not only journalism, journalists also face various threats. It is not (only) from the government, but also from the community. The latest case is doxing or digitizing abuse experienced by Kumparan and TopSkor journalists. There was also persecution that happened to Tempo. We all know who did that, aren't we?

At the end of his presentation, Adib explained about the position of citizen journalism and student journalism. Both can report things that are not published in the mainstream media. Definitely, there is still a responsibility to produce quality content, mastering the ability to verify, including identifying whether a news is worthy and can be trusted.

Applause from the audience ended Adib's presentation. Then Hanum stood up, grabbed the mic, and greeted the audience. Most of whom were also readers of his book.

Hanum talked more about journalism in the form of television. This is because she is the director of AdiTV, a television station based in Jogjakarta. She said that content on television must compete with youtuber. Despite facing major challenges, Hanum remains optimistic that television media will still receive attention from the public.

The LPM Campus Research and Development Team traces the Nielsen Consumer Media View (CMV) survey data which proves that television is still a medium with the highest accessibility in Indonesia in 2017, reaching 96%, followed by outdoor media 53%, only 44% internet. So, do you still want to say "Yutub yutub lebi dari tivi" like our-noisy-and-funny-favorite-youtuber?

After using her film trailer as a closing presentation. Hanum then sat down. Tara Aziza, the moderator of this event then opened question and answer session.

Sofi, a student who had just returned from an internship in Germany asked
"Is it possible for AdiTV to accommodate social movements about public speaking that I make?"

Hanum then invited her to send a proposal to AdiTV to study whether it was worthy of being used as content or not.

source: LPM Campus

Furthermore, Layuza Almira, a student from the Department of English Education, asked about the current risk of journalists.

This time Adib answered that persecution and doxing are the risks of journalists today, especially journalists without legal entities like student press or citizen journalist. It can be overcomed by producing creative content that often not published by mainstream media. Definitely, by still holding the principle of responsible journalism.

After the completion of the question session, Tara with her soft and pleasant voice closed the show at 11.00 p.m, Hanum and Adib shook their hands, then the audience stood up and get out of the room accompanied by the Cant Take My Eyes Off You song from acoustic band.

See you soon at another LPM Campus's event!

reporter : Ardhi Setiawan
editor    : Annisa Dinda K

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