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Book Fair and Planes in the Air


source: LPM Campus

The smell of bread came from two bakeries near the entrance. In the center of the hall, there was a pile of books. A father holds his child while choosing a book. There was also a woman in a dark blue shirt who wandered alone between the tables of a pile of books. Above the books, there is an ornament in the form of red and blue planes and clouds.

This book exhibition is a Gramedia Book Fair 2018. This event held from September 29 to October 10, 2018 at the Solo Square Atrium.

Although not as complete as the book store, there are many books option to buy here.

There are motivational books, novels, comics, children books, import books, and of course the CPNS test exercise book. In the import books section, there are books from great writers like Charles Dickens, Mario Puzo, Dan Brown, Shakespeare, and many more. The price of imported books ranges from 45k to 75k, quite cheap isn't it?

Other books are mostly sold for under 100k, there are even books that sell for 15k.

"There are many good books here. I bought these books for my child," said Fajar while showing the story book of the child he bought.

Santi, other visitors said, "It's pretty good to be able to buy import books at lower prices than usual"

Although this event is titled as Book Fair, this event also sells stationery, sports equipment, and school stuff.

Reporter: Ardhi Setiawan
Editor    : Annisa Dinda K

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