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lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id-(10/09) High school uniform has been changed to free and polite clothing, subjects are more specific, new friends from various regions, different study time, and many more differences. Now, you are a college student, enjoy the new life.

Having an access to study in a college is a privilege because not everyone gets this opportunity.

Often, college students are called as an agent of change, but what change?

The most visible things are the change of lifestyle and economic activities. The fields turn to boarding houses, the boarding houses charge are getting more and more expensive, and so on.

Moreover, college students are called as agent of change from any organization activities. It’s been so many time you are told about the importance of joining an organization. Is it good? Of course! It will be bad and silly when you join an organization only because of an identity finding.

It doesn’t mean that joining an organization is bad. You may read “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari. It tells us the importance of organization on achieving a goal. If you are the follower of Max Stirner or Bakunin, there is no prohibition on it. Even, being Marx’s hipster is the most suitable choice for young blood. Isn’t it cool when someone take a screen capture from indoprogress.com or anarko.org then share it on Instagram or WhatsApp stories with heroic caption and put Che’s picture as profile picture?

As I write above that joining organization will be bad and silly if the reason is an identity finding. For instance, there is an organization which is busy to build its own ideological grudge. The pattern is same that left-margin people are reddish but they are often to claim each other about who are more left. I don’t mention who are them, it might be an enmity.
Other, many people use organization bustle an excuse for the disorder of study. It is not a bustle but pretend to be busy. The main duty of students is study. It is not always being in class. Don’t shout that you are an activist when you get low score of GPA because you are busy with the organization activities. It is not called as activist but hyper-active activist.

Be a common student and keep the score stable is also good. Nevertheless, a student with organization or so called activist has more qualification because they are able to manage their time. When you join an organization but you cannot manage your time for study and your organization, the question is what is your aim in campus? Whether study or look for party followers?

If you are not prepared to change your view about a subject, you should not be studying at university. You should prepare to follow your reason, wherever it takes you. Be open minded. One of the great opportunities of studying at university is to broaden your perspective. Just because your view is different to what majority think, does not make it wrong.
What makes it wrong is if it lacks of evidence. And the most important is that you know when you are wrong. We’re sorry for inconvenience but we have to be mature and smart enough to criticize ourselves.

Welcome to the jungle, Captain!

Written by Ardhi Setiawan

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