The Taste or The Look


Source: Who doesn't know about this popular beverage in Italy? The popularity of coffee is very fast along with the phenomenon of the latte art. The never faded popularity of latte art raises a question, "Which do you prefer in a cup of coffee, the taste or the look?"

If we order a cup of coffee latte in a coffee shop, it's almost impossible to get a plain cup of coffee latte without art finishing. This unique art finishing of our coffee is called latte art. Formerly, a cup of plain coffee was not an odd thing. But now it is very rare for a coffee shop to serve a coffee without touching the art on the top of coffee layer.

Latte art is made of 3 important components namely espresso, milk, and milk foam. Latte art is not just about mixing milk with coffee even though the meaning of coffee latte itself is coffee milk. Latte art is made from milk heated with steamer or frother which forms microfoam. This microfoam changes the characteristics of ordinary liquid milk which is called the denaturation process. Well, this milk that has produced microfoam is what barista poured into espresso and can be formed into various designs in latte art.

There are 3 basic techniques that can be learned in making latte art. The technique commonly used are free pouring or pouring techniques, etching or a combination of free pouring and drawing techniques, as well as dusting or the technique of sprinkling powdered ingredients to form a pattern over coffee.

Unfortunately, there are some coffee lovers argue that latte art actually changes the taste of the coffee itself. Latte art should only be a finishing that enhances the ‘look’ of a cup of coffee but sometimes the addition of latte art actually relieves the coffee flavor. Some coffee shops often forget the essence of latte itself and more concern about the aesthetic and art.

Nevertheless, there are reasons of why latte art is important to be established. Some of them are the satisfaction for latte lovers who will get a 'bonus' in their top of coffee; existence of the barista competition popularly called World Latte Art Championship; and the instagram value. Latte art is also very important in promoting a coffee shop because it is the most attractive promotion for making coffee lovers come to the coffee shop.
Then, which coffee cup do you choose? Plain coffee or latte art?

Source:; otten magazine
Nadya Ummi Azizah
Chemical Engineering 2015

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