Even Eight Days


Eight days meeting,

Happy or sad? I have no idea.
I don't understand it yet,
For a moment I thought, you will stay and stay.

But, in fact, you have never been in front of me ever since,
When we turn out to be tens of kilometers away
Yes, true. You're far away.
I don't know, how should I tell about you?
Is it rain?
Isn't it too cold and will be passed if the seasons are changed?
Is it dusk?
As you often call in many of your writings?
Isn't dusk just temporary and will be closed with a dark night?
Is it coffee?
Like the drink you like?
Doesn't coffee also run out, leaving only black pulp?
Are you too far away, so I hard to represent?
Sorry, but sometimes I am belonging.
Yes, you're far away.
Where do you now?
How is your condition?
How are your eyes?
Is it still sparkling like before?
Aaah I don't really mind about that
I would rather your fidelity.
The reason I always meet when I ask why I like you.

Written by Tria Ningsih
Psychology, 2015

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