What Should We do between the Late Teens and Early Twenties?


The students are identically with the late teens, and early 20's. This age range is between 18-22 years old. It  is in the search period of identity, confused about what to do, busy with unforeseen event, feeling "chained" with present conditions, having difficulty to divide time between campus life and home life, college assignment, organization activities. About, organization activities, it would be better if we followed at least two. Well, what about more than that? Should we keep going? Or feeling confused and come back again.

Moreover, if we were reminded with the word "priority". When someone asks: "Then, what is your main priority, dude?". 
Suddenly silent. You don’t know how to answer because a lot of things must be done.
So, here I am. I’m going to tell you about "What should we do between the late teens and early twenties?"

1. Do what you like.
Do the things you love. But, it must be positively and can provide benefit, at least for yourself. Our happiness will increase when we can do the good things that we like and can give us benefits also to other people as well. More fun, isn’t it?

2. Dare to say "no"
At this age, you have to be brave to determine your attitude. You are no longer a child in the face of this "life". Sometimes when you are active in many things, such as active in the organization, lab, college, participate in outside competitions, etc. Surely, a lot of people will invite you to join in their team. Well, when there is an "offer" from someone that you do not even know well, even though the "offer" that they gave us is very promising, please think again with all the possibilities, you have already considered. You dare to take the risk or not.

3. Never be afraid to try
When you dare to take on new challenges, then many knowledges and experiences you will get.

Well, Campusers. Maybe, only three points that I can tell you now. So, see you on another article.

Written by Lathiifah Thawafani

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