Eid Al-Adha, Tasty Food, and Togetherness


Cows, goats, oxen, buffaloes, or sheep that have been examined for its health and prayed the night before were laid facing the Qibla. Accompanied by Bismillahirahmanirahim, its neck is cut with a sharp knife in one cut. The animal dies, blood flows, and it continuously happens to mark the Qurban in Eid Al-Adha. Its bodies then skinned, its innards are cleaned, then shared for people, especially for those who are less fortunate.

In Eid Al-Adha, people commonly cook tongseng, gulai, and satay. Satay is best cooked using pieces of lamb and tucked with some fat. When roasted, the fat will drip on the coals then give off a very pleasant aroma. The innards which consists of heart, lung, spleen, kidney, tripe, and intestine are yummy for fried and made into side dishes for soto. The savory and tender ribs are mostly roasted, but also delicious for soups or stews. The thinly sliced belly meat is perfect for sautéing with fish sauce and vegetable.

If you believe that your body is healthy, have low blood cholesterol, and have the courage to face the risk of heart disease, then you can try eating bacem of goat's head and cow’s lip. While eating, take a look on how fat and soy sauce make the food sparkle, the spices that mix in the sauce, then the spicy taste made of pepper and chilli chunks. It will make you say takbir because you were born in a country which has great wealth in processing food.

It would be a mistake to skip Indonesian noble food, Rendang. Rendang is a fibrous piece of meat with brown sauce as the result of hours of cooking. The sauce, which is rich in spicy spices is fit to eat with warm rice. The taste made by its combination will make you forget whether you are in the earth or heaven!.

According to Anthony Bourdain, a culinary expert, context and memories play a very important role in a plate of delicious food. It is not just fresh-seasoned meat that makes the food tasty. But, also the happiness of celebrating Eid Al-Adha, working together, as well as the moment of family gathering.

Maybe this is one of the goals of the Islam descending. Perhaps, Qurban is more than just fulfilling the obligations. But, it also includes a number of ways for humans to ground down, celebrating the togetherness, and remembering the harmony and sharing happiness between people is a close part of worship itself.

Happy Eid Al-Adha!

Written by Ardhi Setiawan

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