Sensitive People Should Be Treasured

13:54lpmcampus (30/07) Sensitive Person Should Be Treasured? Why? Here is the reason!
First, the sensitive person has a high empathy. Most of them are not selfish, loyal and very caring about.

Second, they are a sincere person. Sensitive people have a fear of hurting other people's feelings.Therefore they always accept others as they are and always try to make people around them comfortable. However, it makes them feel depressed and a little burdened.

The third is a sensitive person has a very sensitive feeling. Sensitive people can feel deeply, so they can easily feel what others feel. They know how to behave toward others in different circumstances, they also know what they should talk about or not and they are very careful about acting and speaking to look after other people's feelings.

The last is they are a loving person. Sensitive people know how it feels disturbed, hurt, sad and similar tastes. Therefore they tend to have more attention and compassion.

At the moment there are people who learn to be an indifferent figure and there are people who are struggling to become more sensitive. Become an indifferent or sensitive person make sure it does not hurt yourself or others.

Writen by Anggi Widiastuti

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