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Global Village and Peacefulness with AIESEC in UNS


Photo by LPM Campus
lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id- (02/07)The sound of fast-paced music enlivens the Argo Budaya, Universitas Sebelas Maret. Starting at 07.15 pm, 47 students from different countries danced together in rhythmic and energetic gestures. Dance and music make the different race and nation become rhythmical.

The exchange students from AIESEC program was performing dances as part of the Global Village event in Agro Budaya, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) on Saturday night (30/6). 

This event was organized by AIESEC in UNS. AISEC itself is an international organization with 127 member states focusing on youth development to run social projects between countries. 

Students from overseas are in Indonesia for 6 weeks starting on June 18, 2018, to undertake four projects called Green Revolution (environment), Entrevolution (Entrepreneurship), Gantari Kids and Care (Health), and Edu Vaganza (Education). 

Global Village even had been held for four hours with performing the cultural performances, country exhibition, traditional cuisine festival, and lantern festival. 

For the example is the representatives of France and Spain, they show drama about the pattern of life in their respective countries. Joan (22) from Spain looks so proud to show his Catalonia identity. He repeatedly mentioned Barcelona instead of Spain, as well as the football culture there.

"In Barcelona, football was not a sport anymore, it is a religion, and the God is Lionel Messi"
Agnes (21) from France (she is a Brazilian) said that she has never been going to an Asian country and Indonesia is the country that interests her most.

There is also a story from Yinyin (21) a student from Taiwan who study in United State of America (USA). "Here, when someone says ‘Yes’, that is not necessarily ‘Yes’, when they say ‘No’, that does not mean ‘No’, I am often confused because of that. Because in the USA, ‘Yes’ definitely ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ definitely ‘No’" She laughs.

All the exchange students were asked about their favorite food in Indonesia, and most of them answer fried rice as their favorite food. 

When the LPM Campus team asked more details on Agnes and Yinyin, two Asian-American and French-Brazilian, they mentioned a food that became an icon of Indonesia as well as a culinary product of Indonesian culinary.

"Indomie, yeah, it is very delicious, it is amazing, I love it", they answered almost simultaneously with brandishing two thumbs and give the sweetest smile.

Global Village event finished at 11.00 pm with the closing of a lantern festival and dancing together in with hip-hop music.

Written by : Ardhi
Photo by LPM Campus

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