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Photo by Nadya Ummi Azizah (26/07) People’s daily life in urban and rural areas has a lot of differences especially in their lifestyle and the environment. Nowadays life in the city is closely related with business and congestion. 

Therefore, sometime people who live in the city have problem with fatigue due to their busy daily schedule and lack of opportunities to relax. On the other hand, lifestyle in the city also makes the majority of people today are busy with the cyberspace.

In this modern era, the government recognizes the development of urban society has losing places for playing and gathering with friends. Lately, local governments started to realize the existence of city park. Central government also supports the infrastructure and urban development by setting the layout of the city area to be friendly and comfortable for the citizen. 

City park is one of the phenomenon that has recently started intensively developed by the government to succeed the development mission in Indonesia. Many things can be done in the city park either with family or peers; such as playing, hangout with friends, or simply resting the physical and mind.
Actually the city park is not a new issue in Indonesia. However, its existence becomes rare because the city park is replaced by skyscrapers. So, in the last few years the government began to re-enact the existence of the city park. It is also one of the ways to revive green areas in urban areas that are already being displaced by high-rise buildings.
Nevertheless, the utilization of the city park has not been optimized because the lack of socialization about its benefits and importance. Some people still do not understand the advantages of relaxing in the city park compared to walking around the big malls. Some people still not familiar with this area, even it can be found in some places in several cities in Indonesia.
City park can be used as an educational playground for children, also a good place to have picnic with family. It is not impossible that the city park will become a center for playing and learning areas which is suitable for all people. 

Therefore the city park needs to be preserved and maintained as well as possible. So this green and fun area will continue to exist in the city. So, are you interested to go to city park in your area? Let’s try to having fun there!
Photo by Nadya Ummi Azizah

Photo by Nadya Ummi Azizah

Written by Nadya Ummi Azizah

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