Mpok Duren: A Perfect Place for Durian Lovers


Photo by Radixza Afiffatul Rohmanna
lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id- (25/06)Hello Campuser! Now we will talk about culinary made by a very yummy fruit called as durian. Durian has become one of the most popular fruits in the community. Durian is delicious to eat directly or eat in other processed form such as durian soup.

     If you are looking for one of the most recommended durian soup in Solo, "Mpok Duren" is the right solution for you. It is located on Jalan Gajah Mada no.152, Ketelan, Banjasari. 

    Mpok Duren firstly came in Solo after its previous success for opening five outlets in Jogjakarta. This outlet is fairly new in Solo because it has just done a grand opening sale on 18 February 2018.

     According to its slogan or tagline which is "Teko Seger Metu Mblenger". Mpok Duren tries to provide the best soup for its customer, or often called as Mpokers / Mpok Duren Lovers.

    Besides a good soup, Mpok Durian also provide a good place. The interior design is quite nice and comfortable managed to attract the impression of Mpokers. 

  There are several menu here such as Mpok original, Mpok broncheese, Mpok pandancheese, Mpok Durian frozen meat, Mpok pancake, Mpok durian cup meat, Mpok ice cream and many more. The price is pegged from 15 to 17 thousand rupiahs.

    Although there are already some durian soup outlets in Solo, but Mpok Duren still become one of the places we strongly recommend to be visited due to its good taste.

So, are you interested to try?
Photo by Radixza Afiffatul Rohmanna
Photo by Radixza Afiffatul Rohmanna
Photo by Radixza Afiffatul Rohmanna
Photo by Radixza Afiffatul Rohmanna

By: Radixza Afiffatul Rohmanna (Farmasi/2016)

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