Life Skill or Point Skill?


lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id- (17/06)As we know, in connection with the issuance of Rector Decree Number 159/II/2017 about The Implementation of Life Skills Course, there is a new rule for 2016/2017 students and afterwards about how this course is conducted. 

At first, the course is conducted same as other courses. It conducted in class with lecturer as usual. However, since the issuance of the Rector's Decree, there is no more lectures in the class as usual. This is replaced by the student's obligation to look for a certain number of points to gain a certain value.

As in the letter, if the students want to get an A, then they should collect as much as 500 points. If they want to get an AB, then they should collect as much as 350 499 points, and so on. For students who do Real Work Lecture (KKN) it will automatically get maximum credit score points or it can be said that the value of the Life Skill Course equal to the value of KKN. 

It should be noted that the student must keep doing mandatory activities. The mandatory activities intended here are to keep joining AIK mentoring and the welcoming of new students (MASTA PMB).

It is a bit unfair, why? Because of not all of faculties can do KKN. One of them is Pharmacy Faculty. In the Pharmacy Faculty, the lectures and lab schedule are so crowded. On Saturdays that most other faculties have no lectures, in Pharmacy still have lectures, even until 5 pm. 

Yet to implement KKN itself takes a long time and is not allowed to interfere with academic activities. So, it is not possible if KKN is implemented by pharmacy students.

The advantage of this rule is that students are required to be more active in participating in various activities such as organizational training, seminars, make PKM proposals, active in organization, and many other activities that can be followed. 

However, it can also be misused so that the term "certificate-mad students" appears. Register a seminar only to get the certificate, while they did not come during the seminar. Following the organization only to get an active membership letter, not as a means to develop soft skills that exist within.

So let's fix our intentions. Join as many useful activities as possible in order to develop the soft skills that are within us. While we are still students, do not waste the opportunity. Because life after the lecture is the real life. Make those points as an additional value rather than as a primary goal. Good luck! See you on top!

Mahyastuty Shintya Putri Utami
Pharmacy, 2016

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