Five Most Recommended Café Coffee in UMS Area. You Should Try!


Are you a coffee lovers? Well, for you, all of the "coffee lovers" especially who live around Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS), below is most recommended Cafe Coffee base on place, number of types of coffee, taste, price and many others (according to M. Alfian, T., Civil Engineering 2013, one of coffee lovers).  Let’s check it out!

1. Canarisla Café
    Canarisla café has cozy place with an interesting interior. Located in Jalan Rajawali Raya, Gonilan, Surakarta. This cafe is completed with mini library, so we can enjoy the coffee and books at the same time. If you want to know more about Canarisla, you can stalk its Instagram at @cafebacacanarisla or just come on Canarisla café.

2. Ensikopidi Café
    Located behind Assalam Hypermart, Pabelan Baru RT01/RW 06. Ensikopidi has a simple concept such as kedai kopi but the various types of coffee is complete. The best seller coffee here is espresso and cold blue fermented. More information just follow its Instagram @ensikopidi.

3. Ce Kopi Café
    This café has an artistic interior, minimalist place, with a dim lighting and of course, so cozy. Located in Mendungan, Pabelan, Surakarta. This cafe is a little bit different with the previous cafe. Ce Kopi does not serves the origin coffee but the special drink is like coffee latte, milk shake, machiatto and others. So let’s get to know it by follow its Instagram @cekopi or just come and try.

4. Anomi Coffee Café
    Anomi cafe located in Jalan Mendungan. It has modern architecture, and luxury looks. However, you do not  have to worry  about the price, because it is fit with your wallet. The taste of coffee here is nice, include the single origin coffee and they have a delicious coffee latte.

5. Dara Coffee Café
   The last is Dara Coffee Cafe, located in Jalan Garuda Mas, near to Medical Faculty of UMS. This café has a unique concept and themed with Aceh. This café usually held a watching football together. Besides coffee, Dara cafe also serving other beverages such as juice and tea.

Besides the technique of brew to get a good taste of coffee, make sure that you visit coffee café with a good and professional barista.  Have a coffee moment.

Source : M. Alfian, T. Sipil 2013.  

Written by: La Dini Noverdha (Chemical Engineering, 2015)
Devi Annisa’ufadilah (Nutrition, 2015)

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