Writing is not that Hard


Sumber: (21/05)Writing is not thought to be so hard, but it also is not as easy as imagined. As long as we have the will to keep on writing, it will be getting easier time by time.

The main thing that most important in writing is read, hear, and see. It is related to the substance of the content. A writer have to  receive any information and advice to improve capability in his writings.

Writing similar to drive a bicycle. There are no theory about it. The most important thing to do is keep writing as many as possible. Usually, it might fall or producing bad writing in the beginning, but it will become better along with so many trial. 

Even though there are no theory in writing, but there are some techniques that can be done to help any writing.

1. Just Write It
Just write about all that is in your mind without needing to be correct spelling, a punctuation mark, style of language, any typo, and the other things. Just finish it no matter what happened.

2. Read It
Read to know some mistakes and the framework of your writing. Do not let your writing make confused the reader. At least, you are the first reader so you have to understand what you have been write.

3. Correction    
After reading and find mistakes, fix the style of language, diction, logical fallacies, spelling, a punctuation mark, and wrong type. Just write what you know, know what you wrote.

As the expansion of the technology, there are many place to post your writing. You can also use social media such as Line, Facebook, Whatsapp, Blogger, Wordpress, and Instagram.
So, when did you start writing?

Written by : Ardhi S
Mathari, Rusdi. (2015). Berbagi 2015. EA Media Syndicate: Jogjakarta.

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