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Photo by Radixza A R
lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id- (13/05)Benteng Vastenburg filled with thousands of Solo citizens. What's up there? who is curious ?. Yes, finally on Saturday, May 12nd Mata Najwa On Stage presented in this Cultural City. 

Enthusiasm of Solo residents were very high. This could be seen from the long queue in exchange for tickets one day before the event.

According to one of the visitors that we interviewed said, "I am very happy finally Mata Najwa on Stage is present in Solo because a few months ago this kind of event failed to be implemented in Solo because there are some obstacles and I as a student is looking forward to this event" .

Open gate held around 4 pm. Seen a lot of rows of motorcycles and cars parked crowded in  the Benteng Vastenburg yard and the street vendors also enliven this event.

Who does not know Najwa Shihab? A journalist and an Indonesian Reading Ambassador (2016-2020). As a journalist figure well known called Mbak Nana as an intelligent presenter in responding to various issues that developed in Indonesia with a different point of view.

Just as usual Mata Najwa always slick in packing every detail of the show. The event started with singing Indonesia Raya Song and there was an opening performance from NAV band. 

The Mata Najwa on Stage-Solo highlighted the theme of the Digital Republic by presenting several guest stars with outstanding roles and achievements, among the public such as Gibran Rakabuming Raka (Young Entrepreneur), Nadiem Makariem (Founder of Gojek), Bayu Skak (Youtuber), Sudirman Said and Ganjar Pranowo (Central Java Governor Candidate) and Rudiantara (Minister of Communication and Informatics).

An interactive talk show between Najwa Shihab and the guest stars took place about 2 hours from 8 - 10 PM. 

All audiences stunned by the greatness of the guests. Like one of the statements expressed by the founder of Gojek, Nadiem Makarim "Successful founders are not the founders who want the profit but who can give benefits to many people"

Bayu Skak was very inspiring "Don’t ever be embarrassed to be a regional person. Make something different and work totality" he said in one segment when asked about his latest film, Yowis Ben.

So, for Solo citizens who have not yet time to watch and for Indonesia citizens in another regions just calm because the Mata of Najwa on Stage-Solo will be aired on television on May 20th.
Photo by Radixza A R
Written by Radixza A R - Pharmacy

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