Inexpensive Book as a Blessing of Ramadhan


Photo by  Salsabila

lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id- Wednesday, (23/05/18), 15:30 WIB, when the sun was very hot. I went to Jl. Lumban Tobing, Setabelan, Banjarsari. I need 20 minutes from UMS to got to the location. According to the information from instagram @cafe.librarie, there was a book exhibition.

When I arrived at the location. I found piles of books neatly arranged on the table and under the canopies. I never put high expectation for inexpensive book exhibition. Usually, an event like this they sell the books with same price in the stores or even worse, selling only inexpensive books that only fit to fill the bookshelves. Not to be read seriously.

However, I was wrong. I found many good books. There are imported book, journalist, economy, health, psychology, law, religion, comic, and of course, novel. Most of them had no price tag. I asked to the cashier. For a book of 825 pages with hard cover, only Rp40.000,- . Yep, that’s right guys! Only Rp40.000,- . Based on that price, I moved from one pile to another pile. Choosing books to bought.

“I’m so confused with what should I buy. Because so many option books.” said Bima (23), one of visitors. The event that followed by many publisher took place from May 11 until June 10 , 2018. Open from 07:00 to 23:00 WIB.

Before Maghrib, finally I bought 3 books which in total of thickness about 1200 pages. The price was only Rp55.000,- .

The friendly cashier asked, “Are you fasting, sir?”
“Sure.” I answered.

The friendly cashier gave me two packs of 5 pieces fried food and a glass of ice kopyor with reddish syrup, “Here it is sir, as a ta’jail for breakfasting.” he said with a smile.

“Thankyou very much.” I said to the friendly cashier.
Then I said, Alhamdulillah, in my heart. When else is there an inexpensive book exhibition that provides bonuses of free food and drink like this, right?. Maybe this is called one of bleesing of Ramadhan.

Written by Ardhi Setiawan & Salsabila

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