Solo Menari 2018: Colossal dance which got a prestigious award.


Photo by Birda Mudafiuddin
lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id- April, 29th is well known as World Dance Day. In Surakarta, this day is celebrated by an annual event called as Solo Menari. It is held along Jalan Selamet Riyadi from Bundaran Gladag to Ngapeman Intersection. 

This year, this event is followed by 5035 dancers from different professions. Among the dancers are students of elementary to high school, members of dance studios, civil servants, police women as well as professional dancers. 

Due to its high number of dancers, this colossal dance is said to be included in the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI).

There are three dance compositions in this event, namely the Gambyong Dance, Gambyong Pareanom and Tari Pergaulan. Gambyong Dance is a dance usually performed to welcome the guest. This dance is performed by female.

According to Sekar, one of a dancer from a high school in Surakarta, the preparation for this event is hard but also fun. She said that her school prepared the dance since one month ago. It took longer time because her school also chose some student who never perform Gambyong Dance before. 

Besides, she must have to come to school at 2 am today, because she must prepare the dress and make up. However, she felt so happy to join this event and meet many new people.

Not so different from Sekar, Shafira, one of the dancers from Junior High School said that she must prepare the dance from two weeks ago. 

She also came to her school at early morning to prepare the dress and make up. She said that she is very happy to be the part of this amazing event.
Photo by Birda Mudafiuddin
Photo by Birda Mudafiuddin
Written by: Annisa Dinda Kurniati and Jeffry

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