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Photo by Ardhi Setiawan

lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id- Friday(20-03-2018)Hundreds of people sit down together in front of large screen that displays a movie. They are currently celebrating National Film Day by watching movies together in an event entitled Moononton which is organized by students of Film and Television Institut Seni Indonesia, Surakarta.

This event is free entry, everyone can join and watch together. Although the majority of the audiences are college students. This event takes place behind the parking lot of Building 3 Campus 2 Institut Seni Indonesia, Surakarta

Movie screening started at 07.00 p.m. The following 5 movies shown along with directors: 
1. Kowe Wis Ra Sayang Aku (Helmi Andrean) 
2. Tuwaga (Ibn Hasan) 
3. Ing Tutur (Dito Ardhi Firmansyah) 
4. Ilang (Regian Shah)
5. Flowering PawPaw (Zen Al Ansory)

All shown movies are selected based on recommendations from various movie community in Solo. The committee from HIMAFISI ISISKA then choose five movies to be shown. The screening session is always followed by a discussion for each movie so the audiences can have conversation with the movie makers.

There are audiences who ask about the process of making movies and the message that want to be delivered based on the story. Some people give praise, some people even give criticism about the movies. 

After all the movies screened, there is a discussion with Zen Al Ansory, a movie maker and creative director. The theme of discussion is "Creative Process and Distribution." The audiences are free to ask or deliver opinions. 

Around 11 p.m, the audiences gradually begin to return home because the event have been finished. Some still continue the discussion in smaller circles, just talking about various stories about the movies or anything to be talked about in  this happy night under the full moon folks.

Written by Ardhi Setiawan

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