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The life of University student will get started, this story began from a roosters group which wake up all the residents of “Kangen Kost”. 

“Liya !! Wake up ! Let’s do Shubuh praying, do your task, queued to take a bath, Hurry up !”
Aisya-a sixth semester student- screams from her bedroom. 

“Liya !!! Wake up yet?” 
The second scream of Aisya while she walk to take mukena and connecting the laptop charger into a wall outlet. 

”Yes I’m awake. I’m not praying. Please calm down, I begin to do my task” 
Liya answered in a loud voice as she pulled the blanket and set the sleeping position back. Heard that answer,  Aisya did not replay again, then she continued to do her task.  

The clock was ticking, the sun was getting ready for the light and the shower queue begun. That day Aisya got the first turn into the bathroom and as usual she turned a second queue for her best friend, Liya. Fifteen minutes passed, Aisya who came out of the bathroom shouted call Liya, 

"Yak.. Wake Up. it's your turn now”. 
Heard a loud voice of Aisya, Liya was shocked and stand up from his bed spontaneously to then look at the clock on the phone. 

”Astaghfirullah! My task! Oh My god how can I sleep” 
She was panic and her consciousness reached one hundred percents. 

“What happens with you? Please take a bath now” 
Said Aisya who suddenly pop up in Liya’s bedroom.

“I have officially end my life Sya! I have not done any of my task. I fell asleep. Should I skip class again so I can do my homework? But I have already used all of my skip-chance. Sya can you sign my attendance, please?” 
said Liya, as long as a train. 

Aisya kept silent for a second. 
“Let me think about it.”

“Please Aisya,”
 Liya begged.

“Only for today because this is an urgent matter.”

“Okay okay yes I can. Now you go take a bath and I will prepare your clothes and arranging your papers then we can go.”

“Are you crazy? Don’t act like you did not know how scary Mr. Amir could be. I would rather skip his class then go into his class without finishing my homework.”

“At least you did a good deed today. It is Friday anyway. In syaa Allah you will get a good reward.”

“Nonsense. What’s good deed?”

“Your kindness and honesty. It is not a crime to get into the class when you have not done your homework. At least you have Al-Fatiha to make everything better.”

“I’m still got scared anyway.”

“So are you going to take a bath right now or I will leave to the class without you?”

Finally, that kind of mouth battle has ended. Thirty minutes later they were ready to go to campus. And, as usual, Mr. Amir always get there perfectly on time.

“Alright class, have you read the paper I sent you three weeks ago?” 
he asked the whole class after opening the lecture.

“Yes sir,” 
said the whole class.

“Alhamdulillah. So we will learn the next topic from the second power point,” 
he continued as he opened the first slide of his presentation.

“Sya have you check Dimas’s Instagram account? He got some funny videos. Anyway do you bring headset?” 
Liya whispered to Aisya.


“Come on Aisya. Do you bring headset? I need it now.”

“I do not bring my headset. Plus, stop stalking him. Keep your phone on the bag,” 
Aisya answered, slowly.

Time flies fast. Slide by slide had been explained until the time to submit the homework.

“Does everyone has already submit the task?” 
Mr. Amir asked with nice yet serious tone.

“Done sir” Said eveyone accept Liya.

“What happens with you? Why do you look down?” 
Ask Aisya while take book in the bag

“My task Sya.  You really understand that a task is not collected on time that means ten attendances and all of my task before will be useless. I will not go trough it” 
Answered Liya slowly while she remember of the rules by Mr.Amir a few months ago.

Aisya did not say any word. She did not give any answer to her best friend. She was waiting for all of the students leave the classroom then slowly walked towards Mr. Amir who is busy arranging the tasks.

“Is there anything?” 
he asked when he sees Aisya and Liya stood up in front of him.

“I’m sorry Sir I have not collected my assignment,” 
Liya answered while she was building courage inside her.


“I fell asleep, Sir. I did not mean to make excuses but for several past days I did not have any guts to do something. I have a problem with that, Sir. I tend to follow my mood. Even if I force to do it, still it did not work, Sir,” 
Liya explained anything while seeing straight to the floor.

“Well if that so you should write istighfar 100 times and submit your task to me tomorrow,” 
Mr. Amir answered then walked out from the classroom.

Liya was still half-believed when she heard Mr. Amir said that. A smile slowly painted in her face.

“You heard that Sya? That’s unbelievable!” 
Liya said cheerfully while grabbing on Aisya’s hand. They walked together leaving the classroom.

“I’m glad he did that. Anyway what instagram account that you were talking about?”

“Wait. I am still amazed by what Mr. Amir said. But what? I tought you were stopping me from stalking Dimas’ account”

“Why you still doubt it? Every good thing that you did will always attract goodness. I told you not to stalk Dimas because we were still in class. You did it at the wrong time.”

“I still can not understand what you said Sya.”

"As we get older we must able to respect others, not seeing them with one eyes only. Even for the smallest thing. Not everyone can do it, include us, students. Because without we realize, every little help come from our good deed from the past.”

“Including to get a good marks?”
“Why are you suddenly talking about marks?”

“Because honestly I feel like I did well on my last exam, but turns out the result was not as good as my expectation. Even when I brought my notes. Is it because of that so I didn’t get any little help?”

“MasyaAllah. Thank you so much my best friend Aisya Sofea. Allah sure loves me today because He let me learn a lot of memorable things today.”

“You’re welome Liya. Allah loves me too, because He also let me learned a lot from you.”

Written by : Titin Nurhana (Psychology)

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