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Warm Greetings to LPM Kentingan!

11:17lpmcampus Friday (16/3/2018) LPM Kentingan from Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) visited LPM Campus to discuss and share about the student press in each college. This activity is held in the Office of LPM Campus.
Ten members of LPM Kentingan arrived at the Office at 02.30 pm. They are Fera Savitri (Editorial Chief), Ani Mardatila (General Manager), Arwina M (Staff of Secretary), Agista Rinjani (Staff of Public Relations), Safrida Esa (Manager of Public Relations), Muhammad Abdunna’im Alghiffari (Editorial Candidate), Zulfa Nur (Editorial Candidate), Wanda Cacha (Staff of Public Relations), Bidadari G (Staff of Editorial), and Muhammad Zuhri (Staff of Public Relations).
The event started with a speech from the General Manager of LPM Campus namely Nadya Ummi Azizah or often called as Mbak Nadine. Furthermore, Mbak Fera gave a reply. Firstly, they talked about the organization’s structure and its management, the recruitment process, and other organizational matters. The atmosphere was a little awkward at first but, slowly become intimate, moreover after the exchange of the products from each LPM. In addition to the magazines and newsletters, LPM Kentingan also gave LPM Campus a book entitled "Universitas Negeri Sengsara" which contained a collection of essays.
The discussion continues on online media usage. The development of technology and information should be utilized as much as possible. LPM Campus has while LPM Kentingan has a channel According to Mbak Fera, using dot-com domain helps LPM Kentingan to independently manage its post. The number of visits, Alexa rankings, and another advantages that cannot be obtained by using the university domain can be done by dot-com domain. In addition to the site, LPM Kentingan also uploaded the magazine in digital form to the "Issuu" application channel that can be downloaded on PlayStore or AppStore.
Time flew so fast. It was almost dusk though, there are still many things to talk about, the event must be finished soon. Hopefully, with this meeting, the relationship between LPM Campus and LPM Kentingan will get closer.
Warm greetings to LPM Kentingan!

Written by: Ardhi Setiawan

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