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SENVISUAL–A Sensual Exhibition


Photo by Mahyastuty Shintya (05/03)Have you ever visited Graphic Design Exhibition? And also have you ever heard about Senvisual? What is the relation between them? Okay, let’s check this out, Campuser!

      Senvisual is a Graphic Design Exhibition held by DKV Universitas Sahid Surakarta. This exhibition took place at Balai Soedjatmoko, Surakarta started on February 24th until 28th 2018. It is the second time DKV Universitas Sahid Surakarta held the exhibition. 

      The first one is on 2016. This year’s theme is “Bebas Ber-Lokalisasi”. It means that DKV students must “sell their self”. They must sell their idea and their skill in DKV. So, they can produce a creation that has concept, value and function that become the goal of the DKV itself.

Photo by Mahyastuty Shintya

      What is shown in Senvisual? In Senvisual we can see so many exhibitors. They show off their creative creation such as packaging, illustration, branding, pop-up book, motion graphic, documenter movie, editorial book, and many more.

      As shown below, those are the examples of exhibitors in Senvisual. There are toiletries packaging, coffee packaging, and editorial book. The toiletries packaging has a title “Elephant Hotel”. This packaging is designed by Khoirul Aniza. The logo of the hotel is an elephant. Then the logo is applied on the toiletries packaging. It is so cute, isn’t it?

Photo by Mahyastuty Shintya

     The next is “Premio”. “Premio” is a coffee packaging designed by Reva Ravian. This packaging intended for roasting coffee beans. Brings Arabica coffee flavor of archipelago with roasting level that has adjusted based on the segmentation needs.

     The last is an editorial book. This book is designed by Annisa Esti titled “All about Dessert”. This book is a guidebook to get to know European dessert, equipped with vector art illustration and explanation. I am pretty sure you will be more enthusiastic if you use this book as your guidebook to make a delicious European dessert.

Photo by Mahyastuty Shintya

   Besides the exhibition, Senvisual also presented creative sharing, talkshow, and workshop. It held on the third day of the exhibition. The speakers are Angga Tantama–an illustration and graphic designer, Jahlo Gomes–an illustration designer and founder of Belukar League, and the last is Evelyne Henny, S.Sn, M.Sn.–alecturer of DKV Universitas Sahid Surakarta and an illustration designer.

       If you came on the first day, you could enjoy live music and art performance. Whoa, are you interested to visit, Campuser? Unfortunately, the exhibition was over. But, don’t worry. The thing you should do is to prepare yourself to visit the next Senvisual. Don’t miss it!

- Instagram: senvisual2018
- Senvisual book catalogue

Written by:
Mahyastuty Shintya, Pharmacy 2016

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