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National Hearing Day


"Over 120 million people worldwide suffering from the damage of hearing organ"
 - World Health Organization (WHO)-

Have you ever imagine if we cannot hear? What will happen if our ears do not work well? Always thankful to God because until now we are still given health. Then, how about our friends who suffer from deafness and hearing impairment? Does this country care about those people? So stay tuned.

Yes, this country concerned enough about the fate of the people who suffer deafness. What is the proof? The proof is every March, 3rd Indonesia always commemorate a big day of health that is health of ear and national hearing day.

Then why 3rd? Initially in 2007, there was the first international conference on the prevention and rehabilitation of hearing impairment in Beijing. Then generated the declaration of Beijing and determination 3rd of March as the International Ear Day. That day is also chosen because it describes the shape of the ear.

Why do we need to commemorate The Health of Ear and National Hearing Day? Because there are 360 million people have deafness, half of them are in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is on the fourth rank in Asia after Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and India. 

That is an irony, isn't it? The data from WHO estimated 20% of people with hearing impairment require hearing aids. However, t the production of hearing aids today only 10% of global needs and just 3% of the necessary in developing countries.

To overcome the hearing impairment and deafness in Indonesia, Indonesia needs the synergy between the elements of society such as medical workers, educators, societies and government to reach the purpose of National Hearing Day itself that is, to increase awareness of the community on the importance of maintaining public health. 

The commemoration of Health of Ear and National Hearing Day is expected to increase the awareness of community on ear health.
We don't want this big Day of Health just to be a celebration without any real action for this, right? Therefore, let us always remind each other to apply a healthy life and do an early detection of hearing impairment. 

A healthy ear starts from a clean ear and a good hearing is a healthy hearing. Because a good hearing improves the quality of life and achieves happiness.

Written by Radixza

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