An Irony: “The Smell Of Your Waste Makes People Miserable.”


Photo by Photo credits: Niko Alamsyach
lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id- (12/03)Recently, PT. Rayon Utama Makmur (PT RUM) Sukoharjo has become a public issue, especially in Solo and its surrounding areas. It is because the company which produces textile and synthetic rayon cause an odor problems. 

The problem comes from the trial of production machinery. Until Thursday, February 22nd 2018, the public conducted a demonstration at the District Government Office of Sukoharjo demanding the closure of PT. RUM.

Initially, PT RUM permission is for a garment production only, but in the reality the license is misused to produce fabric fibers which its waste is very detrimental to the environment around. Even, the contaminated waste caused many fishes in the rivers around the PT. RUM dies. 

In the end, it has leaded to the citizens health problem. One of it is fainted. The most common waste that spread around is strong odor wastes made by H2S or Hydrogen Sulfide compound that can interfere with human respiration.

Responding to the issue, the PT. RUM representation stated, "The possibility of the factory to be closed is very small, considering we have built it with a lot of money, it is not that easy to shut down the factory just like that. As a result, we will close the factories temporarily to enhance waste treatment."

PT. RUM was given approximately 18 month to finish the waste treatment. If it cannot be done within that time, then the factory will be permanently closed.

Written by : Lathiifah Thawafani

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