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TURNAMEN 5, Tapak Suci’s Inspiring Competition

14:16lpmcampus (08/01)"Dengan Spirit Dakwah Tapak Suci Kita Lestarikan Pencak Silat Sebagai Jati Diri Bangsa Yang Patriot dan Berbudi Luhur" is the theme of competition TURNAMEN 5 which is carried by Tapak Suci Putra Muhammadiyah Unit 003 Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta.

This event was the fifth tournament, which held every two years. TURNAMEN 5 lasts for five days, starting on January 1 to 5, 2018, located at GOR UMS.

The tournament was followed by 512 participants from junior high school and senior high school students from Central Java and Yogyakarta from 29 contingents.

The requirements to participate in this competition were junior high school or senior high school student, get recommendation letters from their contingent and meet the minimum and maximum weight.

The categories of this competition were fighter and team free. The fighter category was one-on-one, while team-free is in groups. The winners of TURNAMEN 5 got trophies and certificates.

By: Lathiifah Thawafani, LPM Campus

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