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Solo or Surakarta?


photo by daadeedaa23@gmail.com
lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id- (26/02)Hello, Campuser! What’s up? Wishing you always doing fine and healthy. Campuser, have you ever confused about the name of the city that you lived in right now? Is it Solo or Surakarta? Mostly, people who come from outside Java ever confused about this. Well, let's check it out! 
photo by daadeedaa23@gmail.com
Actually, Surakarta is the official and administrative name of the city. Every school, government institutes, and social service building use this name. Based on the history, the word "Surakarta" comes from the name of the palace? Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace. Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace is the palace that built after Kartasura Palace was broken. Now, Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace becomes the icon of the city. Have you ever visit there, Campuser?
photo by daadeedaa23@gmail.com
What is about Solo then? Solo is the popular name of Surakarta. Yaps, it is  only the popular name. That is why if you are looking for the city on the maps using the word Solo, you will not find it. However, you can see it in the name of destination on the train or bus. When you ask people, which city is their destination then they will answer that they will go to Solo, not Surakarta. When you ask people about their hometown, they will answer that they come from Solo, not Surakarta. Why? Because, for many people Solo are more familiar than Surakarta.
photo by daadeedaa23@gmail.com
Hence, what is the original name of the city? The original name of the city is Sala (pronounce the "a" like the "o" in the word Clock). Sala comes from the name of the village where the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace stands. If you visit the Palace, you will hear the elderly mention the city with the word Sala, not Solo. If you ever listen to the song of Didi Kempot? Stasiun Balapan, you will hear that Didi mentions the city with the word Sala too. Afterward, why do most of the people mention the city with the word Solo instead of Sala? That is because Solo is easier to pronounce than Sala.

Written by; Mahyastuty Shintya

Reference: lambayun-wisanggeni.blogspot.co.id/2010/06/antara-sala-solo-surakarta-kartasura.html?m=1

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