Why You Spread Hate While You Can Spread Kindness We won’t regret doing kindness



photo by Every day, we communicate with so many people. Without realizing, we can be spread hate and bitterness through our actions and words. Why do we spread hate while we can spread kindness?
Here are some simple ways that we can do to spread the kindness.

1. Do a simple, free, and quick kindness for a charity
We can do kindness from a very simple way such us informing the other people about road directions, giving food and drink to the people who need it, throwing away garbage in the trash can, helping elderly people to cross the road, etc.

2. Do not forget to say “help, thank you and sorry”
If we want to be respected, we must respect the other as well. Sometimes, many people forget some trivial thing such us saying “sorry”, “please” and “thank you”. If we want to ask something to the older or younger people than us, don’t forget to say “please” and say “thank you” for the help they give to us and show our respect to them.

3. Call your family just to say ‘hi’ and find out what they’re doing
No matter how busy we are, but there is one thing that we must to do for our beloved one. One of them is our parents. However we live with our parents or not, we need to share our story or just greet them like “hi” or “have a nice day” and also you can start your conversation with your parents by asking “Daddy, what are you doing right now?” or “Mom, what are you cooking today?”

4. See the positive side in tough situation
We always find out something good and something bad in daily life. When we get something good in life we must feel grateful. When we get something bad in life we just have to accept it and see from the different sides with taking wisdom in order to not feel disappointed even blame to God.

5. Share inspiring quotes and stories through social media
Through social media, we can get information easily. It means that probably we can share a positive energy with others in short time. One of the things we can do is uploading inspiring quotes through social media. In this way, we can give spirit to other people for starting to do some kindnesses.

Written By: Radixza Afifatur R (pharmacy, 2016)

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