short story

Unbreakable Light

 Undiminishable feeling, unflagging spirit, and frozen time are the three greatest things which I earned when my body was drowned by the swiftness of his elegant yet arrogant charm. When I close my eyes before sleeping, his shine always appears unforgettably, his smile filled every space of doubt that I had, and his manner seemed to shoot every joint I possessed.

     He was named November. I thought maybe because he was born in November. However, the fact says the otherwise. He also has two older brothers who also have a distinctive smile with a groove on their two corners of the cheek. They were named September and October. It is fascinating me so deep. Why were those three months choose by their parents as a name for them, what does it mean?

     A few days after I was tired of studying in University, I tried to be brave to ask him about something. He was shopping at a small fruit shop near the Yoshino River, Tokushima, Japan. When I was going to ask him, every inch of my foot was trembled. I called him "Hi!!", but he did not notice me.

     I called him again up to three time. "hi! hi!", "hi! hi !! hey !!!".
    Constantly he turned and smiled at me. It truly freezed my mind because of his smile when it was joined with the shadow of the fallen cherry blossoms. After that, like Yoshinoo River, everything just flow. There are many more conversation came between us. We got closer everyday. We live as a normal couple. Sometime we get problems, fighting and also sweet scenes. However, I am so glad we can pass it with smile as he teachs me for the first time.

     Not so long after we get close, he told me why he and his brothers had those names. He said that September is the month when their parents first met. October is when their parents faced their first marriage problem. And, November is the month when they celebrated their success on solving it. Those lovely moments are the unbreakble light in their parent’s life, they do not want to forget it. So, they named their sons with it. Their parents said that it is important to remember when we first meet our soulmate because it can light up our day everyday, even the darkest one. They also said that remembering the first fight and how they got through it makes them stronger and believe that they can face every problem which will come ahead, just like the first one.

Written By: Abyadh Basyari Fahmi (Chemical Engineering 2015)

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