The Keyword of Happiness: Sharing, Community

21:37lpmcampus (19/11) “Indeed, Allah does not do injustice, [even] as much as an atom's weight; while if there is a good deed, He multiplies it and gives from Himself a great reward.” (QS.An-Nisa:40).

   Happiness is simple. Happiness is also very easy to find around us. An example is sharing. Here, sharing is not only shown for humans, but also for other living things such as plants, animals, or nature as well as the environment.

     Indirectly "sharing" is the same as "helping". Someone will tend to help others because in each person there is a sense of empathy. 
Empathy causes us feel the difficulties or limitations of others without experiencing it directly. The sense of empathy will make us focus on the difficulties of others so releasing others from adversity will make us feel relieved.

     Sometimes, we are confused about what we should give to others. Moreover, we are still students, all of which are still limited. As the saying goes "There is a will, there is a way", then one way to sharing that is by joining the community. The community is one of the fun means to share and create happiness for ourselves and others.

   For example is the community in Solo. We can find so many social and cultural communities in Solo. Such as Fakta Bahasa Solo, Childhood Cancer Care, Solo Mengajar, 1000 Guru Solo, Mumpung Jadi Mahasiswa (MJM), Islamic Propagation of Solo and many more.
     Fakta Bahasa Solo is a community where we can learn about foreign languages for free, such as German, Arabic, English, French, Korean, and Japanese.Then Childhood Cancer Care is a community that supporting children with cancer.Next Solo Mengajar is a community that shares by teaching children in learning activities. Dakwah Islam Solo is a public community engaged in the field of Islam to protect teenagers from bad influence today through propaganda. Mumpung Jadi Mahasiswa is a community that engaged in the field of public service in underdeveloped villages or the village that need to visit.
    Regardless of the background of the community, every community always has a good reason and purpose. They can create happiness for their members and others through useful activities.

  Through community, we can exchange information, add experiences, multiple relationships, and then sincere intentions to be mutually useful and shared. Then from that moment we have understood that happiness is free and always as simple as that. Happiness is as simple as making other people happy, right?

Written by: Titin Nurhana (LPM Campus)

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