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Ideal Room: How to Make Comfortable Atmosphere


lpmcampus.ukm.ums.ac.id- (05/11)The room is one thing that determines our mood. In any conditions, room is a place to do any things we like such as to take a rest, read a book, watching the movie, to do a task or other important activities. Does the atmosphere and condition of room affect our activity? And how it can?
     Someone inclined to choose the room to be first option as a place to take a rest. It may be they think that room is their most comfortable place. But, if the condition of the room untidy and dirty, it will make uncomfortable feeling. It will be different if the room looks neat, clean and fragrant. Besides you feel comfortable for sleeping, your room will provide positive atmosphere and good energy for you to do activity. Then how to make comfortable room?Below are several things that you can do to make your room more comfortable, let’s check it out.

1. Reduce and save your stuffs that are not required
     One of cause of messy room is too many goods or stuff. You have to be more selective to choose the goods which useful/not useful. If you have too many goods, arrange it systematically.

2. Make unused things to be something unique and useful
     This has been already a lot of tutorials in youtube.com “Do It Yourself”, so you can practice to decorate and change unused things to be more useful things. Besides can reduce your stuff in room, you also can decorate you room like what you want with cheaper cost. For example, make a make-up box from shoes box, the shoes box can you clipped and artful with cute ornament, then give the space for your make-up, and arrange your make-up there.

3. Don’t hang your clothes on your Wall Room

     Hanging clothes is one of bad habit that makes your room becomes untidy. And the hanging clothes will cause mosquito nest. Immediately, wash the dirty clothes so, it will not accumulate.

4. Tidy up your bed after you waking up

      The habit of tidying and cleaning the bed after waking up will make you more productive. Why? If your bed is neat, you will pull yourself out yourself out of the bed with spirit.

That is several tips that you can do easily to make your room neater and have a good atmosphere.

Written by: Aulia Santiago W. (LPM Campus)

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