Why Should We Love Ourselves?


Photo by (1/10In the latter years [these days], “I love me”, “only me, myself, and I”, and “love myself”, become a very popular quote. Many people say it to show their confident when doing something. It is really a thing now. However, is it actually as important as it seems?
       “I love me” or also known as self-loving is the belief that you are a valuable and worthy person. Self-loving is different with arrogant or egoism. Self-loving is not about comparing ourselves to others to determine who are better, but self-loving is all about loving ourselves for everything we are, and not hating ourselves for everything we are not.
       However, self-loving becomes even harder now. One of its biggest reason is the mass medias’ campaigns about beauty-standart and life-standart start to be more aggressive. In fact, those campaigns bring a huge impact to image alteration in society easily. Those campaigns begin to be wrong when they start to popularize the definition of beautiful girl, who is a skinny girl wearing make up and short dress, besides, the perfect boy is the one who has handsome face and looks rich.
         All those campaigns can make the society think that they are not having a good body and even worse, it can make people think that they are living in a bad life. When we start to think that way, it becomes harder to love ourselves. We get stressed over something that we should not. While, in fact, Allah swears that there is nothing wrong – by all three oaths linked to prophethood, He swears that we have been created by Him, The Perfect One, in the best stature.
       Actually, to still become Allah’s best stature is enough to be the only reason why we must love ourselves. However, beside it, there are also several reasons why we must love ourselves, here are some of them;

  • We will accept ourselves
       When we love ourselves, we do not need to change our views, values or behavior to meet the expectations of others.We just need to accept the good and also bad things that happen in life sincerely.
  • Things will become easier.
          Loving ourselves will make us understand our positive and negative sides which can help us preparing ourselves before doing something. Won’t something become easier when we are fully prepared?
  • We do not fear uncertainty
         When we take on new opportunities, we know that the end result cannot be guaranteed. This does not deter us; it excites us to think of the all the positive possibilities instead. 
  •  We don’t need recognition
        It is great when others recognize us but it is not necessary. We know that we cannot please everyone so we just do what we believe to be right. When thing goes right, we will thank God for it, but if it is not, we will accept and learn from it.

        Now we think we are finally all clear about self-loving. So, let’s start love ourselves.

Written by:  Annisa Dinda Kurniati (Nutrition Department 2015)

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